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INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael starts off ESEA Invite Round 2 by previewing coL vs. Delta Elite Force.

Simply put, I don't think coL has a shot.

Delta Elite Force - I'm calling them DEF for short - aside from the whole "unprofessionalism" incident with WinOut, is a beast of a team, except when Mehler has 150 ping, like last night and coL... eh.. not so much.  The team has a fair share of problems and I don't see them being corrected right now.

Sure, coL has improved - that's for sure - but are they capable of taking down at least number three or maybe - and that's a big maybe - fourth in North America at the moment? The team dominated online play for the past two or three weeks and won ETS and, prior to that, did very well at KODE5 with a slightly different and dare I say worse roster.

D-BLOCK, Dick Block, Delta Elite Force, whatever you want to call them or not, this team should and could go far.

The only thing that irks me about them right now is if they are in the whole "we don't give a shit" attitude since the whole WinOut incident.  I don't think that is the case, but it is certainly a possibility.  If they are like that tonight, I could eat my words.

The map tonight is de_nuke, one I think that favors DEF. coL have a shot but I really don't think zid will make much of a difference in the game overall; method is probably where I think coL's hope lie.  If he does well, expect the team to handle DEF and at least keep it close.

Until they win this match, however, I'm going to not even consider coL as a contender for the trophy. If they somehow win tonight, maybe we'll see a decent placing.


Peawok's Prediction:

16-10 in favor of DEF.

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quote#1 US peawok 15/04/2009 - 21:13:10
I'll eat my words ^_^

quote#2 US Domey 08/05/2009 - 10:32:37
ehhh col ftw

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