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The Power of Momentum

INSIDER ESPORTS - David Kim talks about momentum and its importance in eSports.

In any type of sport the factor of momentum plays a huge role in a competition and can either greatly benefit a team or hurt it just as much. In basketball, if the shooting guard shows consistent teamwork and good game play than momentum is on their side. In football, if the quarter back throws with pin point accuracy and makes his targets – which allows the team to function better in their teamwork – than his team will gain the momentum.

 In the game of baseball, if the team’s pitcher doesn’t allow any runs with his great pitching and those pitches correspond with his team’s batters and catchers than the momentum will ride on his team.

These are all factors that involve regular sports, however what about E-sports?  How does it affect the genre of sports that we as gamers love and adore?

Believe it or not, momentum is a very important factor in any competitive video game whether it is a competitive team first person shooter such as Counter Strike to even an old fashioned fighting game such as Street Fighter.

In the case of Counter Strike, I’m very confident that any competitive CS player can relate with me when I say that momentum plays a huge role in any scrim.

For example, when one of your teammates or you yourself pulls off a huge clutch round and wins the round for your team, while you were down maybe 10-0, the momentum shift begins too occur at this point. Your team currently has a boost of morale and just a basic positive attitude to have hope in winning the scrim.

In the end you guys come back and eventually win the scrim against all odds. It’s these moments that gives us as gamers that extra feeling of joy and awe. The feeling of being able to pull off an amazing comeback rarely occurs, but when it does it’s never easily forgotten.

In Street Fighter, momentum is based on the individual’s skill and muscle memory; however momentum in Street Fighter is more mysterious. The momentum shift in Street Fighter rarely occurs, as the game is in one-on-one format and it’s hard to have momentum riding on your side if the other player is pummeling you to pulp...

However, on a serious note, there are times when it has happened. I’ll take for example the infamous Justin vs. Daigo Street Fighter match at Evo 2004. SF4

View that match here.

Daigo – being down to a very small amount of health – immediately came back with an incredible show of skill of dexterity, literally parrying all of Justin’s incoming kicks and finishing the final round with his own special.

However, going back to when I say momentum in Street Fighter is mysterious is because you never know whose side it’s on during the game. However, just like in Counter Strike when a momentum shift does occur it’s never easily forgotten and it’s blast to witness as well.

I believe that the power of momentum is an important factor in any sport, even eSports. It’s momentum that allows us gamers to see incredible moments in our favorite games and it’s also the reason why we love playing these games as well just to see that one little momentum shift that can change the course of the entire battle, match, or scrim.

So whenever one of you pulls off that amazing clutch round, or unleashes an extra amazing special enjoy it because it won’t last long.

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quote#1 US peawok 15/04/2009 - 19:45:41
I think people sometimes forget this. Thanks for the reminder :P

quote#2 CA Kai 15/04/2009 - 20:59:34
Good read.

People often just give up when they play a team that's better than them, but if there is a shift in momentum, the game pretty much changes.

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