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EG.usa to take Gravitas' Place at KODE5; coL, Gravitas, x3o Comment

INSIDER ESPORTS - KODE5 has announced that Gravitas will not be attending KODE5 as previously planned due to a "failure to submit player information".  CompLexity, Gravitas, and x3o commented.

It was reported recently that Gravitas Gaming will not be attending the KODE5 Grand Finals as planned.

"It was a tough decision to make, but the failure to submit player information from the team in question forced our hand," said Thomas Kuhlenbach, KODE5 Revolutionary-at-Arms. "Gravitas was given more than enough time to submit their player information to apply for several required documents after the conclusion of the USA Qualifier, but failed to do so.... we had to make a quick decision to look for another team to replace them before the imposed deadline passed. Otherwise, USA would end up not having a representative at the KODE5 Global Final. In the end, it was decided to send one of the other candidates who were able to offer their information in a timely manner."

Gravitas Gaming, however, is arguing that this does not show the full story.  Their story is below:

"A deadline was set by KODE5 that we submit all of our passport information by April 5th. Unfortunatly one of our players had missplaced his passport and needed to get a new passport sent. He ran into many road blocks, including needing to get a birth certificate among other things, that caused a delay in him receiving his passport.  In light of these circumstances KODE5 administrators extended our deadline to April 15th at 3:00 PM CET. We had decided that going through the process that our player was going to be unable to obtain a passport within the required time, as the US Embassy does not rush passports more than 15 days away from a flight. We could guarantee he would receive it the next day - April 16th.... they said it was unnaceptable for him to submit his passport information to them that far after the deadline (less than 12 hours). Still with a desire to go, we offered them a number of solutions that we assumed they would take, as KODE5 would have an interest in trying to work with us in sending the qualified team to their event.

At first we offered to both obtain and pay for a visa through a 3rd party travel agency that specialises in turning around visa's quicker. They said this was unnaceptable, but refused to give us a specific reason why. We assumed that it was them not trusting us to handle a visa and did not want to waste money on purchasing a ticket with the chance he didn't get a visa in time - to some extent understandable. We then offered that we would completely pay for his flight, visa, and any other thing necessary to get him to Russia. They also refused this compromise, with no explanation. We continued to try and reach a compromise, but it appeared to be futile as not only had they made up their minds, but had also posted that EG would be attending in our place."

x3o Gaming, the second place team at KODE5, also cited time constraints as their issue in not attending.  Manager Nick Fitz told us that,

"X3O was contacted by the KODE5 administration about attending their event as the USA representatives.  At this time we are unable to meet their required time constraints and stipulations that would allow us to attend.  While I have nothing but respect for the event administration, I do believe that they are making it unnecessarily difficult for potential replacement teams to attend.  I wish them the best of luck in finding a replacement."

WinOut, now known as Delta Force, was not approached due to being "unapproachable", according to KODE5. CompLexity, the fourth place team for the event, released their own statement on their inability to attend.

Jason Lake said that CompLexity "was contacted by KODE5 a couple days ago about the possibility of attending the Global Finals.  We checked with our players to make sure they could move their final exams, etc, and let Kode5 know we were able to attend.  Then there was some confusion because Gravitas informed us they would, in fact, be attending.  We reached out to the Kode5 officials for an update but they were AFK.  Eventually we were contacted and shocked when they told us we had 50 minutes to get over all the player passport information.  This obviously presented a problem because Sunman is on a plane home from Denmark.  We were ready and willing to attend and would have liked the opportunity but it didn't work out this time."

EG.usa - the fifth place team at KODE5 - will now attend KODE5 as USA's representative.


EG.usa was not available for immediate comment.


Sources: Gravitas CompLexity

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quote#1 US Ghost 15/04/2009 - 22:50:27
Wow, that really sucks for Gravitas. Grats to EG.usa though, represent us well!

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