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WinOut Loses CS Team

WINOUT - WinOut has confirmed that they have lost their CS team, citing lack of professionalism as the main reason for their removal.

Anyone who has kept up with the North American scene knows the former WinOut team.  They dominated the ETS LAN in Montreal, Canada and performed incredibly at KODE5 before that.  With their recent addition of Mehler from x3o, they looked like they would dominate the scene.

However, the team has now lost its sponsorship by the WinOut organization.

Doug Jacobson, owner of WinOut said that "the team was aboslutely incredible in-game, but professional gaming requires a lot more than the ability to win matches.  You need a certain marketability to obtain sponsorship and a fan base for the long term.  Sadly, this team just doesn't have the skills or the professionalism required to do so."

He added that he "thinks it's a waste of talent."

It is unconfirmed where the team will end up next - they are currently playing under their own name, "The Delta Elite Force" - but there have been rumors of them moving to a new organization.  The team was not under a formal contract at WinOut.

The team was not available for comment.

We will update as reports come in.


Source: WinOut

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quote#1 US peawok 14/04/2009 - 13:56:46
Sucks =

quote#2 US drewww 14/04/2009 - 14:03:24
Proof that aZn can't keep a team? lol

quote#3 US nerve 14/04/2009 - 15:45:56
holy shit lol way to fuck that up ~_~

quote#4 US obamamama 14/04/2009 - 19:52:55
He commented on GotFrag forums.

"I don't know why Jacobson went this far. Our main reason for departing was the funding and what we were getting in return. Jacobson wanted us to promote his website (Which we had no problem in doing so) but for nothing in return. We received no form of compensation for any new PRO users or any features we did on the site. He wanted Blogs, Features and videos done (He pays people for this) but he would not pay us a dime. With the current economic situation I understand the penny pinching moves. Once Evolution moved to Florida, Jacobson told us that he would not be paying for his traveling fees and this did not make any sense to us. We were all local NYC players and the only major lans coming up would be the WCG Invitational (if we get invited) which is in NYC and does not cost us anything to go to and the x3o lan tournaments which we always carpool to. This is no great expense for anyone to cover and we could cover these ourselves. Other organizations started to approach us and this made Jacobson very uncomfortable and he gave us an ultimatum, "sign the contracts by this weekend or im dropping you". The contracts basically locked us up for a full year of doing his features/blogs/videos which people paid to see and we would not be paid for it. When I asked him about salary or any goals or incentives in the contract that could lead to a salary or some sort of payment he laughed at us. We would get no salary no matter how well we did and the fact that he was not willing to pay for travel fees made it very difficult to agree with him. Any money we did win would have to be split with the organization and we would have to payback any money he did give us. I told him that it didn't sound fair and we were basically paying him to use the WinOut name. We told him we would not sign the contracts unless we changed some things around and that if he was going to drop us then he should prepare a statement for Monday.

In the end I believe that Jacobson saw an opportunity to get exposure for his website and he took it. He felt that if he ever needed to drop us he would be able to without any problems, seeing as aZn had "unprofessional" issues with CGS and chE and evo with team EG and he tried to take full advantage of that."

quote#5 US Domey 15/04/2009 - 14:08:10
as long as they stay together expect big things

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