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Evil Geniuses Sign StarCraft Squad

myEG.net - Prestigious US multi-gaming organization adds some of the USA's finest StarCraft players to their ranks.

Evil Geniuses added some of the top StarCraft players the United States has to offer to its inaugural StarCraft squad on Sunday. Among the group is a former WCG USA champion, a US WCG Grand Final representative and several other top players.

Highlighting the team is Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson, most popular these days for his stint on World Cyber Games: Ultimate Gamer, the reality television show broadcast by SciFi. The former founder of the 88 team, which was home to several top players, Robinson holds a WCG USA title and represented the country in the 2007 WCG Grand Finals in Seattle. The Zerg player is a consistent threat in the foreign scene and consistently makes a good showing at WCG USA.

Daniel "Nyoken" Eidson also has represented the United States at the WCG Grand Finals, in 2007 alongside Robinson. His Terran vs. Terran play is considered some of the best west of the DMZ.

Rounding out the team are a triplet of top US gamers. Eric "G5" Rothmuller, 2nd place in 2008's US championship for WCG, is a veteran Protoss player who has spent a stint in South Korea trying to earn a progaming license. Jake "LzGaMeR" Winstead, while absent from last years national finals, is always on top of his game and has been present at the national finals twice. Bryce "Machine" Bates, the third Zerg competitor on the roster, finished 4th at this past years national finals and is slated to go to the US Invitational along with Rothmuller in May.

The team will be managed by Lucas "Colbi" Bigham, formerly with Micro Media and rSports.

Full Roster:
[Zerg] [USA] Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson
[Zerg] [USA] Jake "LzGaMeR" Winstead
[Zerg] [USA] Bryce "Machine" Bates
[Protoss] [USA] Eric "G5" Rothmuller
[Terran] [USA] Daniel "Nyoken" Eidson

Source: myEG

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