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POV vs. iDemise Preview

INSIDER ESPORTS - Another match, another preview; Michael "peawok" Fleming closes the night with iDemise vs. POV.

So, 16-14 in favor of Gravitas?  Close to what I thought, but I have to say that was one hell of a game, at least the parts I saw between article posts and score updates.

The final match of the night is POV vs. iDemise. Let's talk about POV first.

POV has been an up and down team since as long as I can remember ago.  They have been a dominant force at times, getting so close to the top of the North American scene only to come crashing back down to just average. I still have some faith in the team, but they certainly are a "play to have fun" team and not under any sort of contract; their record shows it.  Forfiet loss here, forfiet there, it's just part of the game for them.  Or, perhaps, part of the challenge?

In ESEA, I remember them most for their 26-23 match against CompLexity.  That was an interesting one.  In fact, POV has had three major overtimes this season, the others being against Gravitas and North Stars United. They have done well in CEVO Main, I should also add.

They went 2-0 in ESEA on de_dust2 and I don't feel the need to count the games in CEVO; the level of play is much different.  They also did not attend the KODE5 Qualifer, making them the dark horse team for sure (with Pandemic and CompLexity close seconds).

iDemise has done very well in ESEA to my and many's surprise.  The difference between their 7-11 performance in CEVO and 12-4 performance in ESEA is outstanding.  Much of that credit goes to the accused Hazard; people have been saying he is cheating since his first game this season, at least as far as I can remember.

I think this matchup will be a lot closer than some believe.  I think most people are thinking a rather dominating performance by iDemise (16-11 or better), but I think it will be more like 16-13 or 16-14.

Peawok's Prediction:

 I'm looking at 2-0 right now most likely - EG.usa is dominating at the moment - so I need a good prediction.  iDemise will win this game in overtime, or in a close 16-13.  How many overtimes?  Hopefully not as many as the SK Ladies matchup last night... yikes.

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quote#1 US Var1ables 14/04/2009 - 21:11:59
That SK gaming ladies match took years to close. Me and a friend watched it at like 12 because we had nothign better to do..........and we wished we hadn't.

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