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EG.usa vs. Pandemic Preview

INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael "Peawok" Fleming previews EG.usa vs. Team Pandemic and gives his thoughts on both matchups.

Again, I can't make a commitment to every match, but I think I'm doing pretty well for myself.  Here's my EG.usa vs. Team Pandemic preview.

Personally, I believe this should be a complete thrashing by EG.usa; there really is no other way around it.  Team Pandemic has been having trouble and while EG.usa has as well, they certainly have not had as much trouble as Pandemic.

EG started out the season great, winning eight straight games, but then seemed to fall off the radar a bit going only 4-4 in the second half of the season, two of them right after their eight game winning streak.  However, some people have missed the fact that they only lost to the best in the game - x3o, iDemise (at least in ESEA they are the best), D-BLOCK, then known as WinOut, and an overtime loss to Gravitas Gaming.

They have done terrible on de_dust2, though.  They haven't won any games in ESEA on the map, and only one win in CEVO against Gravitas in overtime. It certainly isn't a good resume for the map.

I should also mention the rumors about Hanes possibly leaving the team.  I don't know how that will affect their play - I doubt it does much at all - but it's important to note.

Pandemic has had their share of troubles as well; they haven't appeared to get anything going.  Only 9-9 in CEVO and with two forfiet wins to close out the season in ESEA, you have to think this team might be losing the heart to get back to where they all were.  Their dust2 performances have been up and down; a loss to EG.ca, a win over NSU, and two wins in CEVO.  Nothing too notable, however.

It comes down to this.  Does a Pandemic that want to win come out, or will we see a "let's have fun" kind of team who will probably get ripped by EG.usa, who really need to prove they are a top team?

Peawok's Prediction:

I'm going with EG.usa.  Pandemic has been "eh" so far and EG needs this tournament.  EG should win this game 16-9.

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