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WinOut vs. Gravitas Preview

INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael "peawok" Fleming takes some time to look at the Gravitas vs. WinOut matchup.

I'm going to do my best to preview every match, but obviously things come up and I'm actually doing these as they come, so bear with me if I miss a match.

The first match I'm going to look at is Gravitas Gaming vs. WinOut, now known as D-BLOCK, apparently.  The things that occur...de_dust2

Anyway, these teams are no stranger to one another.  They faced each other only once in ESEA - on de_cpl_strike, I should mention - but certainly know each other well, after matches in CEVO, ESEA, and at KODE5 USA, where Gravitas won.

Overall, Gravitas Gaming is leading 3-1 in games played most recently, with one win in KODE5, ESEA, and CEVO.  WinOut took a game in CEVO.  Sadly, none of those matches were on de_dust2, the map tonight.  Gravitas Gaming is 2-3 on de_dust2.  WinOut, excluding the ETS event, are 3-2 overall.

It's hard to say who is really the better team overall, however.  D-BLOCK seems up and coming where Gravitas has had a lot of international praise - if you could call it that. Internationals would much rather see them at international events than, say, EG.usa or x3o.

Overall, I think it will certainly be a close match.  Both teams have won a LAN event recently, both have done well in online leagues.  It will be one hell of a match.


Peawok Prediction:

I think Gravitas Gaming will take this one 16-13.  Gravitas is such a good team and I don't think de_dust2 is D-BLOCK's best map.

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quote#1 US peawok 13/04/2009 - 20:28:53
Sorry I got this up kind of late. The match has already started! :o

quote#2 US JimmyNR 13/04/2009 - 21:23:13

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