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Starcraft and south Koreans: reason why they are so godly

Starcraft and south Koreans: reason why they are so godly

Every Starcraft player knows that South Koreans are almost the best players that can be found throughout the world. Then we ask ourselves, why are they so good at this particular game, Starcraft, when it originated from United States? This is also proven through world cyber game, where Koreans won every single year for Starcraft since WCG started. There are few reasons on why Koreans play Starcraft so well enough that they are the gods in this game. First of all, it is necessary for us to know that since its release, Starcraft was very popular in Korea. Since its release, Starcraft sold 9.5 million copies and 4.5 million of these copies were sold in South Korea. Due to its popularity, E-Sports started a Starcraft league been aired live on the TV. It was a huge success since the beginning and it is still going on now in South Korea. From there on it gained more popularity and it brought many young people to be dedicated to Starcraft. Second, we must take into consideration that South Korea is the only country with professional Starcraft players that is offered with different Starcraft leagues that gives out huge sum of money for the winners. They have league after another keeping the pro gamers busy throughout the whole year. Not only they play in different leagues, they are associated with teams that get sponsors from certain companies. For instance, Samsung Khan (one of the best team in Korea currently) gets sponsor by the company Samsung. Each team also has a director and manager that keep their team organized. In addition, these teams live in a same dome. They not only play Starcraft but they study Starcraft, making strategies, how to mix the units well enough to perfection, and they learn the balances that each race has in the game. Other countries have dedicated Starcraft players but they do not have many opportunities to go against other professional Starcraft players like South Koreans do. Third, South Korea is the only country that has a channel dedicated just for Starcraft. This channel continuously air Starcraft matches that are played by the pro gamers. I will have to say that if you are a South Korean and live in South Korea, you have played Starcraft once in your youth years. These facts make the South Koreans to be gods in Starcraft. I will have to conjecture that winner of the Starcraft in WCG every year will be a South Korean. Also, Starcraft will continue to be popular in South Korea, because there is never a champion in the world of Starcraft. There might be a champion every year, but there is no ultimate champion in the world of Starcraft in South Korea. No other countries can stop them unless, South Koreans all stop playing Starcraft or some country does the same things that South Koreans do.

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quote#1 US tehkorean 11/04/2009 - 23:18:47
lol Daniel it sounds so biased to the Koreans.
still good read lol.

quote#2 US peawok 12/04/2009 - 13:23:32
Nice post. I'll get back to you when i can.

quote#3 US Terminate 12/04/2009 - 19:29:08
good read.

quote#4 CA fcnz 05/05/2009 - 02:47:37
You guys sure this is Daniel Lee? I know he posts on starfeeder (gameriot/wowriot), haven't checked but this might just be copy/paste from his content there. I'd double check with him first, he might not even be aware of this.

Now if this is really Daniel, good job on the Gom broadcasting, I used to find your casting a bit hard to follow but I've gotten used to it and I don't think I'd go back. Tasteless and you form one of the best esports casting duos ever.

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