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Daniel Camacho, DINC Interviewed

INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael Fleming sat down with Daniel Camacho, owner of DINC.


Can you introduce DINC for the readers? Who are you? What is DINC? Why should we even care about this?

Okay, well first I am Daniel "daN" Camacho; I am not the most known person but I have done lots of work in this community.  I played for NeFarious and j1n, but most of my time was spent team hoping back in the early days with it’s a massacre and ill. I got to be more known in the esports community around the time of the CGS when I was working for them doing stuff with Dallas Venom and Chicago Chimera.

DINC stands For Damage Incorporated and is an organization built around the newest generation of gamers.  DINC’s sole purpose is to prove that with dedication there is room for more professional teams it takes time and a lot of effort and funds but it’s possible. Esports is seeing a drought of professionalism around the newer generation players and I want to change that.

What teams have you picked up so far? Who do you plan to? What games, etc?

I currently own the rights to 5star, a CEVO Main source team. Source is not going to be my star team; I know the community is at its worst but there is still well over a thousand players still playing competitively.

My current 1.6 roster which I am locking in contracts with now stands at Craig "colten" Holten from phrenetik, Charlie "henchman" Price from 50CAL, Aaron "camb0" Hebert from Revoltados.  Those are my main three for my 1.6 my core currently I’m in talks with sinyster from x3o, funk from Rival and shots from Green Berets.

As far as other games I don’t plan to have a laundry basket of games; I’m looking to find some console players for the MLG and for sure a TF2 team.  I’m currently talking to Rufios Lost Boys, who are a newly entered CEVO Professional TF2 team.

I’m also talking to a nationally know StarCraft player, zoobie.

What are your plans for 2009 overall?

My plans are to basically work more on the foundations of DINC; making sure my players are doing what’s needed to win and play well at high level which they are all capable of. We currently are searching for the right LAN that we can send our 1.6 roster once finalized to.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will DINC; as much as people would like to see supreme success right away, it takes time.  It takes research and it takes staff and rosters that are persistent and will not give up after a loss.

I want to work on our public face and start to build a community for the younger generation of players.

What are you offering teams that come under your name?

We currently are paying for all online league fees, and paying for our 1.6 rosters to go to one maybe two LANs for the rest of the 2009 season. We provide all the other necessities as well.

Why do you feel this is necessary? Bringing in a new generation, etc?

Well there needs to be a new generation in everything; god… if there wasn’t we would still be watching Joe Namath playing in the NFL or there would be no NFL.  So just as many people say eSports needs to become more professional, there needs to be a path opened up to the new generation or to new teams to follow along to become professional as in other professional sports.

Until that happens eSports will decline… and keep declining.

So then what do you think of all the "older" players? ShaGuar, fRoD, etc?

I think they need to keep doing what they’re doing – playing of course; they are keeping the community alive. It’s not their fault that coverage companies don’t follow lower leagues or tournaments like they used to.

Media plays a big role in this transition of time from old generation to new generation.  There are many players with the potential to be the next all stars, but I believe many are discouraged from trying because they think frod and shaguar became amazing in a day. In one season, so many teams go into CEVO A, do great, get moved to CEVO Main, and do terrible and then the team crumbles.

The original complexity lost matches, 3d lost matches, mouz lost matches; the best teams and organizations have been around for more than three years including mouz, complexity, EG have lost a lot as they moved their way up.

Younger players need to see that and realize it is okay to go 4-4 in your first season.  It happens.  You got better over the season – whether you realize it or not your team chemistry became better… you became a team with a name.

So whose job is it to get the word out to these "young guns"?

Well it starts with them.  They have to gain the knowledge of how to play and how to keep a team together and learn to take a loss.

I’m not coming here and saying the media – Insider eSports, for example – needs to cover CEVO-A; it would be a loss to you guys.  But why not cover playoffs of those leagues?
It’s mainly up to the lower league teams to stick through a loss. Players need to realize a loss is okay when you’re playing for no one but yourself. Once you get big time contracts and start getting salary, that’s when you can get in trouble for a loss.

You talked about paying your teams' travel fees and other miscellaneous stuff. How do you pay for this?

Currently we are sponsored by NPA Computers www.NPAComputers.com they are supplying us with our fees for online leagues/tournaments as well as 2 more LAN's for the 2009 season. Anything else comes from me, such as servers, and ventrilo.

Any final words?

I just wanted to thank NPA Computers, DINC’s teams and fans, Insider eSports for the interview, and anyone else who I may have forgotten.

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quote#1 US GCTVN-Eric 10/04/2009 - 20:58:31
Well I completely agree with this idea of your Daniel and I believe you may be in the right direction. Although you have taken the right steps for the most part so far, once you reach a higher potential there will be more pressure than you can imagine and a lot more has to be provided for not only your teams but your organization as a whole. No offense but there a ton of "DINC Gaming's" all over mIRC who have the same goals and achievements and yet to move farther than the peak most have seemed to hit at a nutral level.. Good luck with everything and hopefully you succeed far and become the next new addition to the other professional gaming organizations.

quote#2 CA Justin 10/04/2009 - 22:59:46

quote#3 US ExpliSit`1 13/04/2009 - 12:30:27
Good Iview Goodluck DINC

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