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CEVO Releases CoD4 Season 4 Information

CEVO - CEVO is pleased to announce the opening of registration for our fourth season of Call of Duty 4 PC. Season 4 features $5,000 in guaranteed cash and prizes for teams competing across the various skill divisions.

The following announcement is taken from www.CEVO.com:

The regular event membership fee for Season 4 is $20 USD per player for both skill divisions. However, any player who registers by 11:59 PM PT Sunday, April 19th will receive a discounted early bird rate of only $15 USD. Players may register for Season 4 without already being on a team.

ALL teams will be able to reserve premium quality game servers for their matches, courtesy of NuclearFallout, and will also be eligible for a FREE NationVoice ventrilo server!

Registration for CEVO Call of Duty 4 Season 4 will open on Wednesday, April 8th at midnight and remain open until Thursday, May 7th at midnight.

Event Details:

The event will consist of two skill divisions, Open (CEVO-O) and Professional (CEVO-P).

The Professional Division (CEVO-P) will host the 10 most talented teams in North America, as determined by our Professional Placement Tournament or earned incumbency from Season 3. The Professional Division has only one National Region. Teams will be competing for a whopping $3,500.00 in guaranteed cash. Professional teams will play two matches per week on Monday and Thursday nights.

• 1st Place - $1750.00 CASH

• 2nd Place - $1225.00 CASH

• 3rd Place - $525.00 CASH

More information on the Professional Placement Tournament will be posted shortly.

The Open Division (CEVO-O) is open to any team and is divided into three conferences: Atlantic, Central, and Pacific. Teams will be competing for $1500.00 in guaranteed cash and sponsored prizes. There will be one match per week in this division and the Match Deadline Day is Thursday of each week.

CEVO-O is designed specifically for new and experienced teams seeking serious competitive play.

• 1st Place - $600.00 CASH

• 2nd Place - $375.00 CASH

• 3rd Place - $225.00 CASH

• 4th Place - $150.00 CASH

• 5th Place - $75.00 CASH

• 6th Place - $75.00 CASH


More information can be found at www.CEVO.com.

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quote#1 US Ensane 20/05/2009 - 06:31:14
This is gonna be a fun season. :O

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