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CoL adds Pure, Drop TheFragile

COMPLEXITY GAMING - CompLexity has added Bradford "Pure" Ross to their team as their medic after the departure of Nick "TheFragile" Leon.

The CompLexity Syndicate, after releasing the Nick "TheFragile" Leon, has picked up Bradford “Pure” Ross.  TheFragile left due to his desire to not play the medic class, which the coL deem crucial to their success.

The full post is as follows:

After the departure of thefragile earlier this month complexity adds new medic, pure, to the roster

After releasing TheFragile, coL.TF2 is pleased to announce the addition of a new medic to our squad.

Pure has played Quake and Counter-Strike in the past and has played Team Fortress since the game came out.  When asked for a comment he said,

Joining complexity has been a dream for me. The moment "these guys" joined coL, I was dying to join them. Being a part of coL is it. Nothing beyond it. Sure we will fall here and there, but when it comes down to it, this team, now a part of compLexity, will win every online and LAN tournament that is out there. I relish the opportunity to play with the best.

Sam "O`Plaid" Lingle, captain of coL.TF2 had this to say:

When Nick started to tire from playing medic, we wanted to find someone with experience and skill to replace him. Brad anchored our biggest American rival, eMg, for many seasons and played against us at Nvision, so we know what we're getting in terms of the person and player and couldn't be happier to have such a talented and dedicated medic on the team
We wish TheFragile the best in his gaming future.

Source: CompLexity Gaming

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