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ESL Bans HLTVs from Offline Events

HLTV.ORG - The worldwide Electronic Sports League, arguably the largest and most successful eSports tournament organization in the world, has banned HLTV from their offline events.

The arguably largest and most successful eSports league in the world, the Electronic Sports League, has banned HLTV from all of their LAN events, a report on HLTV.org says.  This is, according to the post, "likely a question of advertising dollars more than the spectator experience."

By dropping the Half-Life embeded HLTV, ESL will be able to control advertisements in game, keep track of statistics, and provide their league with more hits.  Ultimately, ESL is attempting to make more money.

Whether this is due to a dropoff in sponsors funds is uncertain.

ESL's current free stream is of poor quality, which is sad to be much better through the premium, paid account.

While Counter Strike fans may be disappointed in ESL's decision, it is important to note that many figures in eSports have said this change has been necessary for awhile.

Trevor "Midway" Schmidt, formally of GotFrag.com, said in an interview with us that it is essential to switch to live streams.

"Counter-Strike's BIGGEST problem is HLTV.  That may sound weird but HLTV has hurt the growth of CS.  WoW and other games that rely on streaming video can inject advertising but HLTV removes this possibility and adds a Valve issue as well.  HLTV is a great tool but our community has become so dependent on it that our future is tied to it and I believe that stunted a lot of our potential growth.  As I said earlier corporate sponsorship is basically the lifeblood of eSports but if we could add additional revenue streams such as video advertising and ticket sales.  With that revenue, we could have new growth potential.  I just don't see that with CS right now," he stated in our interview.

ESL has not made an official announcement on their website.


Source: HLTV.org

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quote#1 US peawok 06/04/2009 - 17:32:15
I think this is good news... I got time tonight, might write a lot of rants for my column

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