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x3o Confirms dboorN Addition, ESWC Masters Rejection

X3O-GAMING.COM - After recently losing Mehler, x3o Gaming has officially announced the addition of Derek "dboorN" Boorn and their rejection on the ESWC Masters Invitation.

Well... it's finally official, at least in x3o's eyes.

After losing Dan "Mehler" Mehler to WinOut, x3o Gaming was on the hunt for a new player.  They found Derek "dboorN" Boorn, former MNM and d2x player said to have "great aim and the drive that it takes to be on a championship team", according to x3o Gaming.

Mehler, their former player, now plays with WinOut.  This was announced back on March 28th in an official post on WinOut.net.

Even with his dismissal, however, x3o Gaming had nothing but great things to say about the Mehler.

"Dan [Mehler] is an extremely talented player that just did not fit in well with the rest of the team," x3o Gaming said. "He has been released from his contract and has since joined the team WinOut."

Team captain Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman also said great things about Mehler.

"Dan is a great player and his release is in no way, shape or form an insult to his skill or an assignment of blame for our recent losses. If anyone is to blame for our sub-par performances in Germany and Dallas, it’s me."

x3o Manager NickFitz expressed confidence in the new roster.

"We’re really excited to have Derek on the team. He is easily one of the top aimers in the United States and will best fit the ‘play style’ that we’ve been trying to create since joining X3O over six months ago. Our current goal is to work hard and prove that we can compete with European teams. Being the best in the USA just doesn’t cut it anymore. We will not be living up to the expectations of our management, fans and most importantly ourselves, until we show that we have the ability to play with the best in the world. Derek will help us accomplish this."

x3o also said that they will not be attending ESWC Masters in Asia later this year.

"The team is currently ranked #1 in both CEVO-Professional and ESEA-Invite and is preparing for the WCG 2009 USA Invitational in New York City. X3O has respectfully declined the invitation to attend the ESWC Masters of Asia event."

This brings the x3o Roster to:

Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman

Jeff "hero" Mettetal

Ryan "NineSpot" Bell

David "savi0r" Park

Derek "dboorN" Boorn


Source: x3o Gaming

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quote#1 US JimmyNR 05/04/2009 - 13:00:48
Late announcement much, x3o? lol

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