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CEVO-Professional CoD4 Playoff Review


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CEVO-Professional CoD4 Playoff Review

INSIDER ESPORTS - Matthew "Chimpae" Gomez reviews the CoD4 Playoffs last weekend with a good recap of the matches.

Last weekend, we saw the CoD4 CEVO season come to a close, with Pandemic taking top honors, followed by MoB Gaming and then my team, MoB-Deep.  I decided to provide anyone who many of missed the playoffs a round-by-round recap of the weekend.


Round 1 - mp_strike

MoB-Deep > BackSlash (16-11)

After a disappointing second place showing at ETS LAN in Montreal, Quebec, MoB-Deep was able to pull together by defeating BackSlash Gaming.

Not only were they able to rally on offense on mp_strike, a defensive sided map, but also they were able to contain frzg, considered by many the best player on BackSlash.  This really set MoB-Deep off, as we really pushed far into the event with this win.

Team Dynamic > Pure eSports (16-4)

The biggest letdown of the CEVO-P playoffs was Pure eSports. In Round One, they played against Dynamic, a team that normally they would have more than likely would defeat, but unfortunately – for some reason that I am unaware of – were only able to field four. This led to them being quickly sent down to Losers Bracket, where they later decided to forfeit their match.

Round 2 mp_crash

MoB-Deep > Team Pandemic (16-7)Round 2: mp_crash

The result of this match was possibly the biggest surprise of the playoffs. No one – except our team – in the cod community (okay, maybe a few people…) predicted that MoB-Deep to be able to knockdown Pandemic into the lower bracket on what some believe – after their run of destruction in the European LAN events with some very decisive wins – was Pandemic’s best map.

MoB-Gaming > Team Dynamic (16-1)

On the other hand, no one was surprised with the complete and utter thrashing that MoB Gaming did upon Dynamic, who really shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

It seems as though mp_crash is the map of the MoB Gaming Family, with their dominance shown this round of playoffs. A MoB-Deep vs. MoB Gaming Upper Bracket Finals is something that few would have guessed prior to the event.

Round 3 mp_backlot

MoB-Gaming > MoB-Deep (16-8)

The MoB teams would duke it out here on mp_backlot in the Upper Bracket Finals. The first half was an expected 10-5 result, but once the teams switched sides it showed that MoB-Gaming were able to take advantage of the holes in MoB-Deep’s defenses. This led them to take the match with ease.

Team Pandemic > Pure eSports (FF win)

After the Round One debacle, Pure eSports was pretty much forced to forfeit their match to Pandemic in the Lower Bracket. If they hadn’t they surely wouldn’t have been able to challenge Team Pandemic in a 4v5 match.  Pure eSports would forfeit, putting MoB-Deep vs. Pandemic in the Lower Bracket Semi Finals.

BackSlash > Team Dynamic (16-12)

This wasn't very surprising.  As I said before, Dynamic should have been eliminated in Round One. BackSlash would now play Pandemic in the Lower Bracket Semi Finals.


Round 4 (mp_citystreets)

Team Pandemic > BackSlash (16-13)

In what was a match of constant lead changes, Backslash was able to put pandemic up against the wall and give them a match. Although in the end Team Pandemic was able to get away with the win here, it shows that BackSlash has the potential to challenge anyone in the NA COD community.

Round 5 (mp_crossfire)

Team Pandemic > MoB-Deep (16-6)

Ths match actually turned very one sided, which was surprising considering MoB-Deep's strong play against Pandemic earlier on in the playoffs.  It just felt like we were out played and out-thought here.


Best of 3 Finals (mp_crash, mp_vacant, mp_backlot)The Finals included mp_backlot

Team Pandemic > MoB-Gaming (2-1)

In a match that rivaled the old matches of Pandemic vs EG, MoB-Gaming fell short  of becoming the CEVO Professional champions. After their first map victory on mp_crash many thought that it would come down to the wire on mp_vacant, but once MoB had a 9-6 lead going on defense on mp_backlot, I don’t think anyone expected Pandemic to fight back and take the map. In the end, Pandemic won the best of three two games to one. It appears that Team Pandemic isn’t going anywhere right now for that #1 spot in North America, but that some teams in North America definitely could give them a run for their money in the future.


Since these were the last matches for CEVO for awhile, I decided to include some awards for the teams, listed below.

Biggest Breakdown:

Pure eSports’s inability to truly show up in the CEVO Professional Playoffs, with a 4v5 loss to Team Dynamic in Round 1 and a Forfeit Loss to Team Pandemic in Round 2, are irrefutably the biggest letdown. Pure was a team that many thought could be a candidate for a top three finish or even better, but in the end were taken out of the playoffs with little to no fight.

Biggest Surprise:

MoB-Deep placing 3rd was a big surprise in the community, especially our ability to beat Team Pandemic in the Upper Bracket. Although we would later to fall to MoB-Gaming and the Team Pandemic again, I believe we showed that the team has a lot of potential and could become one of the top three teams in North America, if we aren’t already after this win.

The Future of COD:

With this season of CEVO-Professional action coming to an end, many teams are wondering what the future holds for Call of Duty 4.

It has already been confirmed that CEVO will be holding another season of Call of Duty and not a tournament, which was originally thought.

Not only is CEVO going to be holding another season, but TGL is also making a comeback to gaming with a new season of COD. The future of COD4 seems to be slowly coming to an end, though, with the approaching release of the new series of COD game in Fall 2009, but hopefully CEVO and TGL will keep it alive until then.


That's all I have here.  Thank you all for reading!

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