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Pandemic Surprises Gravitas in ESEA Week 8.1

ESPORTSEA.COM – Pandemic comes from behind to surprise Gravitas Gaming 16-14 on de_train.

Well…that was unexpected.   A near perfect 12-3 half for Gravitas Gaming on the Counter Terrorist side should have spelled out disaster for any team. Pandemic, however, had different plans.
Led by Sonny “s0nny” Tran, Pandemic one-upped Gravitas, winning their own half CT half 13-2.

"Sonny won a lot of clutch rounds for us, so that really helped us out," said Noah "StrikeR" Alvarado. "Terrorist side we just couldn't get anything going, and it doesn't help that foogz was crashing cause his computer is garbage." He added.

Pandemic was so confident in the second half that DAFF even said "come test me hostile".

Gravitas Gaming appeared out of it all throughout the second half, losing rounds they could have easily won and losing 2v1’s without contest.

“We just couldn't get any momentum T side; it [de_train] can be a tough map. We didn't hold well after planting the bomb and lost some rounds we probably could have won,” said Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol.

Basol also made comment on the team’s recent play.

“We just have to learn to play better online. We've been slacking.”

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