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iRi Takes Down Hausen in CEVO Redemption Tournament

CEVO.COM – The pug team iRi took down Hausen for the Quarter Finals of the CEVO Redemption Tournament.

Even with a server crash that ruined their opening pistol round, iRi found a way to take down Hausen.

It didn’t take much commitment for the strong iRi pug team to take down Hausen in the CEVO Redemption tournament.

“We didn’t really practice all too much,” said iRi.RGT. “We just decided koth and vas, who are from secondnature, have played together for years will continue playing B.  PG who is our awper got placed at mid and myself and JK played upper A.”

The game ended in a close 16-11 score after a dominating 9-3 performance by iRi on the Terrorist side, much in part to their addition of SecondNature|Kevin in the second half.
Even with the loss, Hausen remains confident in their play.

“Although the match went into our favor, we thought our T side was more dominant. Our t side became shaky at first when we realized the slow game didn't work,” Hausen|vuuu said. “Knowing that the A bombsite is difficult for many teams, we began to work the A fast. We noticed that their rotation could easily be manipulated so I had noiz and bonez keeping the B bombsite busy.”
iRi believes they will easily dominate stormakt.

“We play stormakt next, who plays at least 4-5 hours every day and write up strat books,” RGT said. “[But] we’ll continue to not practice and still probably smash them.”

iRi’s semifinals match is set for Thursday, at 9:00PM Eastern time.

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