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Zsports Takes ETL Opening Cup

ETLGAMES.COM - After an impressive performance, Zilla gaming takes the ETL Opening Cup.

In the ETL opening cup finals, we had the Just Cause Project playing Zilla Gaming on de_dust2.  As the underdogs, few expected Zilla to win the game. They came out win an impressive performance, however, winning the game 16–7 overall score.

Polar, who play exceptionally in both halves, going 28–7 Counter Terrorist side and 12–1 Terrorist side.

“It feels good to win”, he said, and that he “just showed up” to play tonight.

During the first half it was very back and forth, neither side gaining the lead for very long.  Polar attributed this to the max round 12 rule set.

“Every map is t sided,” he said. “You can get an AK with so little money [and the] colt, well, sucks and costs a lot….”  He suggested that “everyone is still stuck in mr12.”

The half ended 8-7 in favor of Zilla.

On the second half he commented that him “calling T side strats” led to the finishing blow, finishing out the second half 8–0.

Xenocide, who played for the Just Cause Project claimed that after playing the match he felt like “our honor has been violated,” and that the poor performance was due to the lack of practice, as it was “our first time playing the map as a team.”

T side went poorly because “we just tried to rush” and that “didn't work out to well.”

Counter Terrorist side he commented that “Polar is a beast, and we were just having trouble figuring out where people [should] play.”

 “Both teams played hard,” he added.

When asked about the rules he states that “mr15 is way better” and that “more leagues and tournaments need to use knife rounds to decide what side we start out on.”

CSS Completed H1 H2 OT T
USA Zilla Gaming
7 -- 16
USA Just Cause Project 7
-- 7
League: ETL Games
Map: de_dust2
Watch:  Match has finished

ScoreBot: #ETL

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