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MoBDeep Beats Pandemic in Round 2

CEVO.COM – MoBDeep shocked the Call of Duty community with a win over Pandemic.

After a win in the first round MoBDeep kept the momentum going taking out the number one seed Team Pandemic. 

16-7 was the final score in a match that was a surprise to all spectators. 

Joe “Nabore” Amorosa Pandemic’s team captain was asked for his perspective after the game. “I think we overcomplicated crash a bunch since we got back from Europe.  We tried to innovate new things but we pretty much couldn't test them out vs. anyone.  It was a rough loss and I think it went beyond that though” said Amorosa.

Still in high spirits Pandemic will look to come out strong tomorrow “We all played pretty bad and didn't deserve the win, tomorrow is another day though.”

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that Pure E-Sports has officially forfeited against Team Pandemic in the lower bracket round three. The reason however is unknown at this time. Pandemic will then advance to the lower bracket round four which will be played on mp_citystreets.

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