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MoBDeep Over BackSlash in Round One

INSIDER ESPORTS – MoBDeep advance after first round win over Backslash.

The fourth seed MobDeep faced off again the fifth seed Backslash in the opening round of the CEVO playoffs. Both teams played very well, but only one team could win. MoBDeep took the match 16-11 and now advance to play against the first seed Pandemic. MoBDeep beat BackSlash, 16-11.

After the match we managed to catch up with Travis "kpwnage" Gallo from Backslash Gaming. 

“Well, we had a pretty good attack we managed to get 7 rounds we did different strats and tried some new things," he said. "Our defense was a bit under strated. They worked some very tough split rushes and we over rotated in many situations when we should have just waited them out to see where they were going.”

Recently Gallo won the ETS LAN in Montreal, Canada with PUG.CA. Coming back into the CEVO playoffs, he was looking for better results.

“We worked as a team in certain situations but sometimes we would play for kills. Overall we tried our best and they were better prepared than us," said Gallo.

Even after a disappointing result, Gallo was still positive and said “great game though” to the MoBDeep.

MobDeep were not available for comment after the match.

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quote#1 US GCTVN-Justin 28/03/2009 - 21:12:03
Maybe we will see them conquer Pandemic? ;)

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