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A Response to Mike's Poem

eMg Acquires Formula 1

DALLAS TEXAS - EMG announces the pick-up of Formula 1 to represent their CS division.

eMazing Gaming has announced the addition of Formula 1, after internal problems in Team 34.  The new eMazing Gaming team will be at different events all throughout this year.

The official announcement from eMazing Gaming:

*eMazing Gaming LLC.* and Formula1 are proud to announce their newest partnership, as F1 will be representing eMg at all upcoming events this year.  eMg has been looking for the right fit since their recent team had left, and F1, which currently is playing in ESEA and ESL and will be attending CNC in April, will now take on that role.  F1’s current roster is stacked with talent, with most of their players having international experience as well as numerous CPL’s and national tournaments.  When asked about the move, F1 managing partner Edward Chang had this to say:

"We are very proud to be able to represent eMazing gaming this upcoming year.  In discussions, we found it a perfect fit as both organizations bring the passion, drive and talent to succeed.  We are definitely excited for the chance to improve on our current victories and bring eMg to the next level. Big thanks to James and Dillon for all their help in this transition. Please support us @ #eMg and stay tuned for the latest news!"

James Tyler, CEO of eMazing Gaming LLC. commented, I am very pleased to have these guys playing for eMg, I know some of them in real life, in fact Brian 'Sui' Patrick use to play at our LAN Center in So Cal, he was our house professional and younger players looked up to him, and most the other guys I know from their successes in the past and from So Cal teams as well. I think
if they keep going the direction they are now they will be a contender, we are looking forward to it.

As for tam 34, unfortunately another case where a team could not resolve internal problems leading to destruction of the entire roster, we wish all of them great success and hold no animosity at all.

*About eMazing Gaming LLC:*
eMazing Gaming is a facilitator in eSports, competing in various games and platforms eMazing Gaming  also provides family entertainment events with a competitive edge,  putting gamers with RockStar really means something to this company. Team eMg has won various events from the 2007 US WCG CS title to breaking the Guinness World Record for Guitar Hero in 2 separate categories, with another one on the way. eMazing’s sponsors are PEPSI, Papa
John’s, Dust-Off. Falcon Safety Products, with event support from,  BRAND X Game Servers, Hurricane Host  and Cartridge World. eMazing Gaming’s Mother Company is Emazing Interactive a Publically Traded Corporation on the SEC, (Ticker Symbol: EMZG)

*About Formula1 Gaming:*
Formula1 is a professional counter-strike team that has been around since 2002.  Many players have gone on to star in huge national and international competitions on the big stage.  Recently, they have made a comeback and are
looking to take on the top US talent, as eMazing gaming’s newest counter-strike team.  For more info, please visit us on the web at http://emgaming.com

eMg Roster:

Brian "Sui" Patrick
Eric "amico" Massimino
Jonny "eng" Faulds
Jeff "jaded" Steinmetz
Steve "seijim" McCormick
Edward "reflex" Chang

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