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CEVO Main Round 3 Results

CEVO.COM - CEVO Main action continues with the Upper Bracket Final Four and CPD, Backfire, and Area51Gaming fighting for their life in the lower brackets.

After two rounds of play in the CEVO Main Playoffs, only twelve of the original sixteen are left.

In the upper bracket we saw first seeded North Stars United (16-2) edge out ninth seeded CPD (10-8) in a closer game than some expected with a 16–13 overall score.  

Second seeded complexity (15-2) sent seventh seeded FURY gaming (11-7) down to the lower brackets after winning 16–11. The final upper bracket match was the up and coming organization Vortex (13-5) taking on the Team Dynasty (12-6).  They won the match 16-11.

Backfire (10-8) plans played Paragon of Virtue (14-4) and were taken down 16 – 13.

In the first round of the lower bracket we saw some surprises.  Area 51 Gaming (10-8) beat deadbolt (10-8) 16–6 after a less than spectacular result in the first round. The Canadian WCG team last year, Synchronous.NP (9-9), were defeated by the upstart HAUSEN (12-6) squad 16 – 13, and ESWC participant Motus (11-7) fell to SOMETHING VICIOUS (11-7) 16–13.

To cap things off, Hiatus (11-7) took down Fragnet (11-7), 16 – 6.

For the upper bracket's final four, we see two ESEA Invite teams face off, with Paragon of Virtue facing off against NSU. The other match is Vortex vs. Complexity.

In the lower bracket, we see HAUSEN fight for survival with CPD, Hiatus go head to head with backfire, SOMETHING VICIOUS take on Dynasty Gaming, and Area 51 Gaming will play FURY gaming.

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