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Interview with United5

INSIDER ESPORTS - Insider sits down with United5 owner Amir Behmaram to talk about United5's return, and what they plan to do.


United5 hasn't been around for some time and some newer fans might not know exactly who you or the organization are. Could you give us some details on yourself and U5?

My name is Amir Behmaram aka killabeez aka MrKB. I am the owner of United 5 Gaming and have been in the gaming scene since 1999. United 5 was created in 2000 and I took over management back in 2004.

United5 has been out of action for quite some time now, but it has also been known for awhile that U5 would return. What have you been doing to prepare for United5's return to eSports?

I have been working on re-launching United 5 for at least 8 months. The old United 5 site was hosted by ESEA and shared the same user database, so my main goal was to create a new site away from that. Once I had the site in motion and on the way to completion, I wanted to release the site with a brand new roster. Unfortunately it did not work out that way, but I am happy with the re-launch thus far and I am working hard to get a roster that best suits U5's needs.

Speaking of the roster, why have you let the community help decide who will play under the U5 tag?

I just felt that I would rather listen to the voice of the American gamers, than going off and picking a team for name sake. With the hunderds of players out in the scene, it is very difficult to look at everyone, however, gamers know gamers. They have played against them, they have played with them. If I am able to get more insight and information on the players and teams I am looking at, the better my decision will be in the long run. In essence I hope to have a team that is by the gamers, for the gamers.

Being such a well known organization, have you started bringing in any major sponsors?

Having dealt with many sponsors throughout my career, I have a good understanding of what they look for and what they require. In order to attain any sponsorship, I will first need a squad to be very active in the competitive scene. Once that is in place, I will work on the sponsorship acquisition. This will not be an easy task with current economic situation, but I am going to stay positive and see what I can make happen.

What are some of the teams you are currently looking at, and if you were forced to select today, who would you pick?

In my post [on www.u5-gaming.com] I talked about a handful of teams/players. That is a tough question...If I had to choose one today, from the responses and information I have gathered thus far, I would lean towards the old EMG w/Sgares or making a team around Patyo. But, there is so much more information I need to gather from the old EMG w/Sgares squad. Plus I need to talk with Patyo and others to see where their head is at.

Do you have a timeframe on how long this could take?

I want to have a team in place no later than the end of April. But so many things can happen between now and then. Teams falling apart, players going to other teams, or the teams I am looking at could get picked up.

Is there any player that you feel you must have on the team? Is there a player you want to base the team around?

I have mentioned Patyo, but I still need to talk to him. From when we spoke last to now, he could be in a complete different place with gaming. Going down the path of building a squad around one person could become very difficult.Conflicting personalities and work ethics could lead to a lot of problems down the road.

You have stated that you will start with only Counter Strike 1.6, but are you following the other games at this time?  Have you set a list of "I want CS first, then CoD, then TF2", and so on?

I have not set an exact list, but want to start with CS and branchout. My decision will be directly influenced by different leagues and tournaments. [I'm] Waiting to see what game or games becomes the focus of this year's competitive circuit.

Thanks so much for your time Amir! Any final words?

Thank you for taking the time to interview me. Also I hope everyone visits the site and gives me their input, because I have some tough decisions to make and would love to hear what people have to say.


Thanks again to Amir for sitting down with us, we wish United5 the best. For additional info head over to United5's website: http://www.u5-gaming.com/

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quote#1 US Portland 26/03/2009 - 23:39:39
Good interview, great to see them back.

quote#2 US peawok 27/03/2009 - 00:10:16
Good read.

quote#3 US ExpliSit`1 27/03/2009 - 13:35:10
Good read, been wondering for awhile if they'd come back

quote#4 US Truth_- 27/03/2009 - 17:13:09
Good interview

quote#5 US MugN 28/03/2009 - 00:05:32

quote#6 US MrCool 28/03/2009 - 10:43:22
nice iview

quote#7 US chobozor 29/03/2009 - 12:51:26
Good interview. But I still wouldn't go with eMg / sgares.

quote#8 US daN_NY 07/04/2009 - 22:49:08
yay! kb

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