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Pandemic Beats Hiatus in ESEA

ESPORTSEA.COM – Noah “Striker” Alvarado and Chad “DAFF” White cruise Pandemic to victory over Hiatus.

A match that – for fans – seemed over before it even started, ended up just as they imagined.

The lately moved up Hiatus team was no match for the surging Pandemic squad.  Pandemic have now won two in a row.

“[It was a] tough match on Pandemic, probably because we haven't practiced train once,” said Allen “Desertfox” Defourneaux.

“However, [in light of the situation], we really pulled it together for this ESEA match and worked extremely well as a team.” He added.

Hiatus has yet to win a match this season and things won’t be getting any easier for them, as their next four matches are against playoff teams.Pandemic beat Hiatus 16-10

Pandemic, led by Noah “Striker” Alvarado and Chad “DAFF” White, started the match off strong with a decent defense and went on to win the half 10-5.

“Our CT side started out strong, as we quickly jumped 6-0 before esea client acted up… It made two of their guys and some of our guys crash. That hurt us more because they each had over ten thousand,” Noah “Striker” Alvarado said.  

“After that, we lost a round and had to drop guns the next round which put us in a situation that if we didn’t win the round we would have to save twice… Well we ended up losing the round and had to save twice.”

“We could have easily won 13-2 or 14-1 even had that crash not occurred,” Striker said.

Desertfox felt that Haitus was certainly off through much of the game.

“We lost one round on [Terrorist] side because ionz got picked in mid, which was a bit lucky on their part, since he’s very good at that, but other than that ionz had a very good game and we all played well as a team,” he commented.

In the second half, not much changed for Haitus, however, Striker led the way for Pandemic, coasting them to a 16-10 victory.  It wasn’t all said and done to start, however.

“We manage to pull through our Terrorist side. We quickly went down 5-0, but after making minor adjustments like tweaking our strats a bit, we finished them off with 6 straight rounds.”

With the win, Pandemic improves 7-6 for the season and sixth overall in the standings. Barring any kind of collapses, Pandemic will probably finish the season as the sixth seed.

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quote#1 US peawok 26/03/2009 - 20:55:34
Good recap =)

quote#2 CA Justin 26/03/2009 - 21:03:12
GG guys

quote#3 US reefer 26/03/2009 - 21:38:20
Nice recap. Good game.

quote#4 US desertfox 26/03/2009 - 21:55:51
Oops thought you were talking about our cevo match right after, thats what my comment was for ;O. GG pandemic

quote#5 US peawok 26/03/2009 - 22:05:38
Thanks, desertfox. I removed that statement. It had confused me but I thought maybe I was just tired lol. I'll make sure Jason says which match he's talking about :P

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