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WinOut vs. x3o Tonight for ESEA Week 7

INSIDER ESPORTS – WinOut has been on the rise recently, but can they beat the almost perfect Team x3o?

WinOut has really been turning heads lately.  They recently won the ETS 2009 event in Montreal, Canada – they were the only American team there too, I should mention – and have been performing well in ESEA and CEVO.  They had a very strong performance at KODE5 USA as well, where they placed third overall.  The addition of Mehler to the team has also appeared to improve them, as they did beat EG.usa 2-1 last night. They also beat x3o before.de_train

Team x3o is a different story.  Their dominating performance on the online stage, coupled by their close 16-14 losses at Extreme Masters and their amazing comeback at KODE5 USA to place second has really made x3o a standout team.  They have dominated ESEA and CEVO so far and, aside from the recent bump against POV, have been playing incredibly.

The question is will the dominating x3o show up tonight or will WinOut have yet another trick up their sleeve?

First, we have to look at recent matchups versus one another.  Since February, WinOut is 2-1 (one win in both CEVO and ESEA, and one loss at the KODE5 USA Finals) against x3o.  None of the matches have been on de_train, the map tonight.

Overall, WinOut has been dominating de_train so far with an impressive 5-2 record since February on the map.  Team x3o has gone 4-4 since February – mediocre at best for who are widely considered the best American team.

The match takes place at 10PM EST tonight.  Insider eSports will be providing a full recap of the match.

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quote#1 US peawok 25/03/2009 - 20:09:17
Good luck!

quote#2 US JimmyNR 25/03/2009 - 20:09:44
Good preview. Like the statistics.

quote#3 US JimmyNR 25/03/2009 - 20:46:00
Holy.... review up soon...

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