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Name: Phil Wise
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The art of business.

In the business world, you always have to keep an open mind. Usually, a person who is running or managing a business has a set of core ideas and plans. Sometimes, those become null due to some new development or a better solution. You have to be flexible, to accept opportunities when they arise. Turning down any opportunity, big or small, is pointless and a waste of good potential. The person who provides the opportunity is always ready to work with you, if they willingly provided it.

I have learned over the years that those who turn down opportunities tend to fail pretty badly. Some turn them down because the opportunities would negatively affect their business, but then those are not really opportunities, now are they? If someone was to approach me and say "I'm willing to invest 50 dollars into your company", I might take it, because it's something to work with, and the person will get the percentage deserved no matter what.

Those who stick with their plans and do not listen to advice nor to developments or opportunities will have a hard time getting any farther than their plans take them. There are ways of finding out about new ways of doing things, about new processes and new potential, through conversation, collaboration, and different types of minds. My friend who never seems to care about anything tends to give me the best business ideas, even though he will never act on them.

In conclusion, I just wanted to post a blog on random crap, and I thought this was an interesting analysis of a very vague topic for both myself and anyone who wants to read this. The moral lesson here? Don't turn down an opportunity, no matter what it is. If you have to work your ass off to comply with the potential, then do it, because you won't get many chances to open new doors in life. I've tried to never pass up on one of those doors, and so far it has rewarded me with a better mental mindset and more maturity than most people I know.

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