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Sony Staff to Take a Pay Freeze?

JOYSTIQ.COM - Sony’s Corporation staff to take a pay freeze.

Joystiq.com reports that the Sony Corporation is “freezing staff wages across the board, in order to combat the economic crisis.”

A report from Gamespot.com says that “Sony's expectations of posting a $2.9 billion operating loss for its current fiscal year (which ends March 31), it's no surprise that the electronics giant is looking to save money anywhere it can.”
All areas of the staff at Sony are taking a hit. As a lot of you know, there have been quite a few companies that have had to file for bankruptcy or chapter 11 in the past fiscal year. Fans debate whether a price cut would be “eco-friendly,” for Sony at this time. It seems that with every PS3 sold, they are losing more then what they gain.

In these economic hardships, what can one do to save themselves?

Sources: www.joystiq.com, www.gamespot.com

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