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ESEA Announces Season 3

ESPORTSEA.COM - ESEA League has announced Season 3, including LAN playoffs for the Counter Strike 1.6 Invite division.

With Season 2 nearing its end, ESEA League has announced Season 3, with their three current games; Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike: Source, and Team Fortress 2.  Even with the economy's recent downturn, ESEA has built their prize money even more and it currently stands at $35,000 for Season 3 among the three games and the seven divisions.

The bigger announcement, however, is that ESEA League will be holding the Invite Counter Strike playoffs in either Dallas or New York City.  This is one of the first American attempts at an online league playing their finals on LAN; one other being the CAL Razer Tournament.

Registration for Season 3 will open April 6th with the regular season starting the first week in May. Registration fees for open divisions have been reduced to $5 per player (now with two matches per week), main and invite divisions are $8 per player, and 100% of entry fees and sponsor funds go into the prize pot! All players must have ESEA Premium in order to compete in matches.

Key Changes From Season 2 to Season 3:

Increased prize pot from $20,000 to $35,000

Lowered price of open from $8 to $5

All open divisions now have two matches per week

Added invite divisions for Source and TF2 

All matches now feature unlimited slot HLTVs & SourceTVs

1.6 Invite LAN Playoffs

Source: ESEA League

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quote#1 US Ghost 22/03/2009 - 09:51:12
Niiiice lookin forward to it.

quote#2 US JimmyNR 23/03/2009 - 08:53:38
LAN playoffs? Awwwweeesome!!

quote#3 US reefer 26/03/2009 - 08:33:32
Pretty cool =)

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