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CEVO-P Placement: Area51

INSIDER ESPORTS - Insider eSports writer Billy "ExpliSit`1" Blumenthal continues his new feature series where he sits down with every team participating in the CEVO-P Placement Tournament.  In this edition, Billy interviews Adam "Penguinmurda" Hartzell from the team Area51.

 Thank you for taking time out of your day to do this interview for Insider Esports, Can you please introduce yourself?

Sure. My names Adam Hartzell and I've been the leader of my team for several years now. Area51 Gaming is the same team as former Hyper!, IoG, and some of s4h back in the day

Can you tell us a little bit about your team? Maybe give us a short recap of its history?

Sure. The recent lineup we have had for some time (the core players at least) formed in the CEVO Thermal take em Down Tourney before last Placement Season. We won that tournament finishing 8-0. Our first 21 matches together we had a 19-2 record. We have been in cal invite and cevo professional for the past season or so. Individually we've been in cal invite/cevo p for several seasons.

How do you predict your team will do in the tournament?

I think once I get the 5 I want, we'll make it into cevo p again and make a run for the title. There aren't too many teams I'm concerned about in the placement, but anything can happen. Depends on how much people are practicing

What are you guys doing to prepare for the tournament?

Most of us are attending LAN ETS this weekend in Montreal. Otherwise we're looking for people that have a strong determination to win CEVO and ESEA for the playoffs and next season

You've mentioned that you don’t have the roster you would like to have, any players you are scouting to add to your roster?

We're taking a prospect to the LAN with us. Otherwise I don't have a keen eye for anyone just yet. But it always works out for us, so hopefully this is no exception.

Can you name your prospect?

Well lets just say we're looking for an awper =)

LOL all right fair enough, How do you feel about the teams you will be playing against, any of them intimidating or make you nervous?

I would say the team that has most impressed me this season in various leagues is Second Nature. In terms of top teams, I'd say FD and absolution are the biggest threats.

How excited are you about being able to play in this tournament?

Well it wasn't as exciting as last year when we weren't guaranteed a spot. But I always have been a competitive person and I enjoy this tournament. I've been in it since season 2 I think about each season.

What, if anything, can be done to make this tournament more fun or challenging?

People actually caring about it. A lot of people that were at the top tier of the division either stopped playing or stopped trying.  It will be interesting because there appears to be a new generation of players stepping up. The game is far from dead, just new faces. So that makes it exciting

How do you feel about CAL's closing? How damaging do you think it will be to your team, and to the esports in general? Counter Strike: Source

Well there is some new league out, I’m not sure of the name...but that’s important. The ESEA and CEVO leagues are more than enough for us. I think CAL was a lost cause because it wasn't pay to play, so many top teams didn't participate and it lost its luster.

I think CAL might come back pay to play, and it will compete with that new league. Other than that, looks like CEVO and ESEA leagues will reign the CSS community for a long time.

Well none of our players really had our sights set on it. We just use this game as temporary fun. However, it lost the CSS community a lot of well known players, especially my friend Brawwr. Things just don't feel the same. But I don't mind the change and the new faces. I think the community is just as lavish with prize pots as ever. And the updates on the clients really help popularize the game. So, the CGS was a nice idea....it just wasn't a really big factor because it only had 6 teams here. So many players weren't affected by its closing.

Interesting, alot of people think Source will die do you believe that to be true? Or that is already has died with a few people clinging to it?

Every game becomes obsolete and appears to be diminishing just because old things change. But just like science explains, energy is transferred, not created or destroyed. This game is shifting direction, it’s not losing its head of steam yet. It won't be dead until the new launch of a good counter-strike game with a better engine that is duel core supported.

Well put. What changes, other than filling your roster do you guys have in the works?

Just more dedication. Most of us have full school schedules and part time and/or full time working jobs. We need to make time to go over things and not go in to matches unprepared.

Point taken, Are there any shout-outs you'd like to make or have anything you would like included in your feature?

Sure, Area51 gaming for providing us with a great sponsorship. Midnightgaming for our server. And shoutouts to my teammates and Melissa <3 =)

Excellent! Thank you again for taking time to answer a few questions for us!

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quote#1 US ExpliSit`1 20/03/2009 - 22:13:28
an hour after this Iview a51 beat k2 16-6 next day leaving for ETS lol

quote#2 US peawok 23/03/2009 - 17:39:29
Good ivew.

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