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Mass Effect 2 Announced

GAMESPOT.COM - Mass Effect 2 is coming to various platforms early 2010, Gamespot reports.
It hasn’t been the greatest well-kept secret in the gaming world, but I am sure you have been waiting for confirmation on the rumor, and it has finally come. Mass Effect 2 is going multi-platform early in 2010. BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka claims that this new Mass Effect will offer, "intensified combat and expanded weapon options as well as increased depth of planet exploration."
The original Mass Effect released in 2007 before moving to the PC.  It achieved good success, but many remember the game for another reason; I'm sure many of you also remember Cooper Lawrence and Geoff Keighley on FOX News and all the controversy around that.

Cooper Lawrence, a psychologist with little gaming knowledge, and Geoff Keighley, a video game journalist, debated on FOX News about sexuality in video games, especially on the new released Mass Effect.  Lawrence admitted to not having played the game, but Keighley was given little other time to speak.  Amazon.com had to delete hundreds of reviews about Lawrence's book due to gamers being outraged.

As of now, there is not much known on the new Mass Effect game. A teaser trailer has been released and can be found here.

Source: Gamespot

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quote#1 US peawok 19/03/2009 - 16:56:44
I remember the Cooper Lawrence incident. It was great =)

quote#2 US Ghost 20/03/2009 - 19:35:12
Ugh I still need to pick up the 1st 1 for my 360. Got mine at x-mas, haven't had time or the money to pick it up. I still need so many games.

GTA4, Fallout 3, Dead space, Street Fighter 4, etc... idk gawd

quote#3 US Terminate 23/03/2009 - 19:43:11
Cooper Lawrence... LOLOLOL i remember that

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