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CEVO-P Placement: SECONDnature

INSIDER ESPORTS - Insider eSports writer Billy "ExpliSit`1" Blumenthal kicks off a new feature series where he sits down with every team participating in the CEVO-P Placement Tournament.  In this edition Billy interviews Andrew “Norton” Beamguard from team SECONDnature.

Hey all; Billy here. This week I got the privilege of sitting down with Andrew “Norton” Beamguard, Manager of Team SECONDnature, on the upcoming Season 8 CEVO Professional Placement Tournament.

SECONDnature ended their CAL-I Season 13 at 6-1 with close wins against such power teams as Cyber Revolution, Stormakt and Devastation. Losing only once to Dynamic who also closed with a 6-1 record. They will be facing several of the teams they played against in CAL Season 13 in the Counter Strike: Source Placement Tournament. It will be very interesting to see if the past will be repeated.

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. Can you please introduce yourself for us?

Hey. I go by the alias Norton and I've been playing Counter Strike for my entire life. I play on team secondnature and we pride ourselves on not being massive ethugs… Just small ones.

How do you predict your team will do in the CEVO-P tournament?

Norton: We have as good a chance as any team but we have a huge history of just sucking inexplicably every now and then; gotta eat breakfast I guess.  Don't underestimate breakfast.  Lots of outside factors go into cs. If your mom just died it might not be the best time for a match.  Also health effects everything you do and food is responsible for health sooooo eat breakfast

I agree, you have to have your eight layers, I hope frosted mini wheats don’t sue me for that... What is your favorite breakfast meal?

Norton: Bacon Eggs Toast Hashbrowns + tasty juice made from fruit.  Not really that healthy but very hearty…. very standard breakfast. Pizza works well too.

Cold beer and pizza huh? Breakfast of champions.

Yes, but I’m going to retract my statement about the importance of breakfast. Dinner might be more important, no one plays matches at 10am.

Do you prefer to eat before you play or after?

Definitely before. Biological urges ruin concentration. Eaten too much will make you sleepy as some famous cs player before me has said (maybe method?), so don't gorge yourself of course, but that is just a tip for life and not hugely relevant to cs. I'm not a fatty I swear though... I just understand diet matters and some people don’t realize that and eat cheetos and mountain dew 24/7.

Good point. I’ve never been that much into cheetos, but mountain dew is good.  Now what are you guys doing to prepare for this tournament? Other than making sure you eat your breakfast AND dinner?

Team Fortress 2 and substance abuse. Also we try to scrim as angrily as possible as frequently as we are all on. I think we have pretty good communication on this team so when problems show up we resolve them really fast and improve things where we need to. I used to love prepping strats in the server by myself and calculating smoke angles, but not only is that kinda boring, it’s not a good use of time either. Pro cs is almost reaching the point some sports have reached where you need to actually be physically fit to have a consistent shot and fit in aspects not typically related to your sport
Counter Strike: Source
How do you feel about the caliber of teams you will be playing against? Do any of them make you nervous and/or itimidated?

None of the teams really scare me because they all pretend to not care, so I don’t know how much they actually practice. It’s like a poker face, this front they put on to make losing less harsh. I would have to say dynamic I guess is the most threatening team I think.

All right that leads into this question, would you consider them your biggest threat or obstacle?

Well I do think they are the largest threat, but that’s not to underestimate stormakt who is looking to be our first opponent. We have to beat stormakt to even get to dynamic and I'd say it's a really close match up.

Just how excited are you about being in this CEVO tournament?

Personally I think its great because cevo-p is one of the last respected (barely) leagues for cs, and the competition (also money) is good. Cevo main isn't so bad either so losing wont crush me. It's been a long time coming and it would be nice to just get it over with. Cevo drags out for a long time, I quit cs right after winning cevo-a and never got to play in the pt. so I guess this is a nice first for me too. That’s my bragging... winning season 1 cevo a, woo a match overturn against cheaters who happened to be the head AC admin

How do you feel about CAL's closing? How damaging do you think it is to your team and to E-sports in general?

Well it seemed pretty sudden to me and while it's sad in a way I don't think it was really unique. Lots of leagues have existed and will come around as demand rises and falls. I never really read up on the whole situation behind CAL, but as long as it's not closing due to lack of interest there will be another league to take its place. Cevo is doing alright for that. The most damaging thing to esports is lack of new players, if cs looks old and boring to the youth; the community is doomed to fail

That being said, how do you see the future of E-sports? What if anything can be done to improve/fix our problems?

Back in the 1.3-1.6 glory days of CPL I thought esports was the next big thing, destined to take over. Now all of that is fading pretty fast either due to economic hard times or more importantly, low interest in CS. Everyone that plays games has already decided whether they love or hate cs and nothing short of a completely new game will revitalize the community. Gooseman sold his rights to cs and valve is too intimidated by the community to change anything at all about cs so there is no hope of future updates that would make CS better or more appealing. This game is not perfect but unfortunately it’s the best we have. The future of esports depends on updates and new games. Left 4 Dead looked promising for awhile, but the game play mechanics and the terrible mapping crushed any real hopes I have for that game taking over CS's place. The only game I see in position for taking CS's throne and turning this community around (if Obama doesn’t) is Natural-Selection 2. Balance and high end game play are rarely predictable from the start, so any new game is almost destined to be poor for competitive play. CS got lucky because it was free, fun, and the developer actually wanted the game to get better. Maybe some luck too. Thinking cs is the end all be all of esports is short sighted.

How hard was the hit from the collapse of the CGS?

It may have really crushed the community but we aren't exactly united so it's hard to gauge the exact impact. It didn't bother me at all because I never really aspired to be in CGS. They took themselves way too seriously and appeared (I guess rightly so) completely unsustainable. The only people really interested in watching cs are the cs players that KNOW the other cs players. Watching random players or even worse watching a game you don't play is usually pretty lackluster. CS has a large capacity for skill at the highest level, but like grand master chess games, the average guy is not gonna appreciate it. If you want to turn games into a sport you have to make them FUN to watch. It seems simple but cs was never designed to be watched, it just got so insanely popular that we tolerate watching it. Good shout casting and src tv work fixes part of this but CGS had neither. I felt the shoutcasters had poor knowledge of the game and a poor knowledge of how to express what each team was doing. I don't care about hearing who gets a kill because I just saw it happen, tell me something funny or interesting about their setup that may not have occurred to me.

What big plans, changes or news tidbits are coming up for your team?  If you can release them, that is.

Well nothing immediately on the horizon but we have a nice website that usually will have any relevant information about us. http://www.secondnaturecss.com/ Thanks to zquark for the site.

Thanks again for sitting down with me, do you have anything else you would like to be included?  Any Shout outs?

Shoutout to everyone on second nature except Kevin and also shoutout to everyone cal-open aspiring to be better because you are what keeps this community alive. Thank you for the interview it was a pleasure ^_^

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quote#1 US peawok 19/03/2009 - 10:54:41
I enjoyed the interview. A bit "wtf" in the breakfast part but I still laughed. =)

quote#2 US Dale 21/03/2009 - 22:51:42
Seems like a really good guy, nice article.

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