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GG, Haitus, and POV in ESEA Double Headers

ESPORTSEA.COM – ESEA Week 6 moves on with Gravitas, Haitus, and POV playing double headers. 

Update: Paragon of Virtue and Haitus have delayed their match.

The first match is Gravitas Gaming vs. GG No Re.  Both teams are coming off a disappointing close to last week; Gravitas losing to X3O and GG No Re to FragDominant, and will be seeking to boost the morale of their squads and a win in the standings. You can expect Gravitas to come out strong on de_nuke this week with goodfornothing at the helm after the loss to x3o.

EG Canada squeaked by last week with an upset over Team Pandemic, narrowly avoiding defeat with a final score of 16-14 in favor of EG.ca. ESEA Week 6: de_nuke

They have tasted victory and will be shooting to win this week against Hiatus. Hiatus is a mixture of the old eMazing Gaming roster and some Haitus players. Even with the roster change, their luck doesn't seem to be changing with the rotation. This could be a quick match if Hiatus doesn't find their groove.

North Stars United is an up and coming team to say the least. There has been so much buzz going about, with their performance in the C3 tournament, and their impressive record in CEV Main (14-2-0), with the likes of CompLexity, Team Vortex, and others. They haven't performed as strongly in ESEA Invite however, but NSU will be looking for a win against X3O. X3O, arguably the best North American team right now, overcame NSU by short margin earlier in the season on de_train, walking away with a close 16-14 win.  NSU is still looking to cement their spot amongst the best and we should see them coming out swinging.

Hiatus and Gravitas will both be playing doubleheaders tonight against the strong Paragon of Virtue team. PoV has been building up steam coming off wins over complexity in OT, and a blowout over EG.canada. After a rough start earlier in the season, PoV would like to keep the momentum and have the chance to pull out two wins tonight. Gravitas, certainly the harder match of the two, will be played first. This could prove to strengthen their performance against Hiatus or could shatter their chemistry should they lose.

The map tonight is de_nuke, with the exception of Haitus vs. Paragon of Virtue.  That match is on de_dust2.

CAEG Canada10
-- 16
USA Haitus 5
-- 6
League: ESEA Invite
Map: de_nuke
Watch: spectv004.esea.net:29991

ScoreBot: #eg

USAParagon of Virtue
0 0
-- 0
USA Gravitas Gaming
-- 16
League: ESEA Invite
Map: de_nuke
Watch: TBA

ScoreBot: #POV

CANorth Stars United
-- 8
USA Team x3o
-- 16
League: ESEA Invite
Map: de_nuke
Watch: spectv006.esea.net:29004

ScoreBot: #NSU

0 -- 0
USA Paragon of Virtue
0 0 -- 0
League: ESEA Invite
Map: de_dust2
Watch: spectv004.esea.net:29006

ScoreBot: #haitus

USA Gravitas Gaming
-- 16
-- 11
League: ESEA Invite
Map: de_nuke
Watch: spectv004.esea.net:29002

ScoreBot: #gravitas

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