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MIRAA Talks About MYM, ESNation

INSIDER ESPORTS - Insider eSports' Michael Fleming sits down with Luis "MIRAA" Mira, a well-known eSports journalist, to discuss the recent ESNation collapse and MYM.cs' uncertainty.

It was reported earlier today that ESNation has closed down and MYM might be following soon after.  Luis Mira, a staff member for MYM, also posted on his blog that the Counter Strike team has gone unpaid for two months now, which readmore.eu has apparently confirmed.

You can read the full news post from Insider eSports here.

Insider eSports sat down with Luis Mira to get more answers on the situation and to ask him to discuss the problems in eSports "contracts".


Most people should know your name, but if not, could you please tell us who you are?

My name is Luís Mira, I am 21 years old and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I am currently working for readmore.eu but I have worked for the likes of GotFrag.com and MYM in the past.

You recently posted information about MYM and ESNation and how you and the Counter Strike team have gone unpaid. Could you sum up your claims and statements here?

Well, basically I was contracted to MYM and I was entitled to a certain monthly payment, but I never got anything for my time here nor was I sent to the Extreme Masters [as expected]. I have learned that the CS team is also having problems with their salaries.

What kind of problems are they having specifically?mymym.com

As far as the CS goes, they haven't paid them for the last two months. For me, I was only there one month, so they owe me [one month’s] salary. I don't think anything is being done or will ever be done, people are blaming each other and no-one wants to solve this. It's e-Sports.

What do you mean by "It's eSports?"

As I've said many times, eSports is such a naive and young business that I think we are going too fast sometimes. Some organizations and contracts simply have no legal background and most people would laugh at you if you said you wanted to sue an eSports organization. And the G7... oh well... can it be more pointless?

So you have no intentions on suing ESNation?

I don't think so; my salary was somewhat high – considering I live in Portugal, that is – but legal proceedings would cost more than what I am entitled to.

Do you know where the MYM CS team might move to now?

Nah, I have no idea. Their manager is still analyzing the situation, after which they will make a decision on their future.

Why do you think eSports organizations don't adequately prepare their legal documents?

Because such proceedings cost money, and organizations would require lawyers and stuff and that's something only a few can afford [at this present time].

But you believe these are necessary?

If we [ever] plan to take eSports seriously, then yes, definitely.

With your departure from MYM, will you be looking for another organization, or will you just stick with readmore?

I will stick with readmore only. No more adventures, I feel great here.

Is the biggest problem in eSports right now legal issues? If not, what is?

I think eSports have taken a huge step in such a little time, that we have never stopped to think if we are doing it right. People still see videogames as a "nerd-thing" and it will take a lot of time for them to acknowledge this as a serious thing. When that is done, I think we can move on to successful televised eSports shows, something the CGS failed to be.

Legal issues are a problem, but that's not the biggest problem right now. the problem is that people make eSports what they are not, most of the so-called professional organizations are far from professional and most of the so-called professional players aren't even close to making a living off of this.

One pressing question from fans is: Will the MYM CS team stick together?

I think they will stick together, in a new organization. As I noted, TwAiZz is still analyzing the situation and looking at things.

Any final comments?

Thanks for the interview and your interest on this matter, and good luck to Insider eSports.


Image from mymym.com.

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