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ESNation Shuts Down

ESNATION.COM - ESNation, owner of team-now-franchise Meet Your Makers has shut down, MYM future uncertain.

In shocking news, the owners of Meet Your Makers, ESNation.com, have closed their doors.

"All operations of the company ESNation A/S have been ceased and all employees including the executive management have been released ultimo February 2009" they stated on their website.

With ESNation closing, the MYM organization's future is very uncertain.  ESNation stated that they "are working on possible scenarios to uphold and continue operations of various ESNation brands, such as myMYM.com, Dotaportal.com and more", but the possibilities of their Counter Strike team and others remaining isn't likely. 

Read the full announcement from ESNation here.

The MYM Counter Strike team competed at Extreme Masters Global Finals recently, where they placed second out of the eight international teams.  They did not say anything about their lack of payment there, but people close to the organization apparently knew.  Louis "MIRAA" Mira, a staff member for MYM, was told "not to join by MYM by some people, allegedly because of the way they treated their employees; however, I thought 'wow, this is MYM, one of the best and richest organisations out there, they must be wrong.'"

The players or other staff members have made no public statements as of this time.

Readmore.eu states that the players have gone unpaid for two months and Mira says he has gone unpaid for his services as well.

"Up until this day, I haven't received one penny for my work at MYM, something I never imagined to be possible in an organisation that had boasted to be the richest in the business" Mira said on his blog.

The myMYM.com website has yet to make any formal announcements, but should do so sometime soon.


Sources: ESnation   Readmore   MIRA Blog

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quote#1 US peawok 17/03/2009 - 13:13:21
Sucks... who will MYM.cs go to? :o

quote#2 US ExpliSit`1 17/03/2009 - 13:30:10
Uh oh is this a sign of troubles ahead?

quote#3 US Ghost 17/03/2009 - 14:36:42
Definitely didn't see this coming.

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