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FD, x3o in KODE5 Lower Bracket Finals

DALLAS, TEXAS - Frag Dominant and x3o will face off for the chance to take down the undefeated Gravitas and win KODE5 USA.

After dropping CompLexity, x3o will now face Frag Dominant.  Frag Dominant has been performing well so far; their only loss coming from Gravitas.

x3o took an early loss to Pandemic, who were knocked out earlier, and have been clawing their way to the finals ever since.

"America's best", in the public's eye, EG.usa was knocked out earlier to x3o and CompLexity was knocked out after as well.  Team Pandemic, Texas Allstars, and eMazing Gaming were knocked out earlier in the tournament.

With this tournament nearly over, fans are starting to formulate questions for the American teams.  Is CompLexity getting better, or will ever get better than Gravitas Gaming?  Is Gravitas the new top team?  What is going on with Evil Geniuses?  Will Gravita, x3o, or Frag Dominant do anytihng at the KODE5 Gobal Finals?

Frag Dominant or x3o will have their shot at Gravitas in the upcoming match?  The match is live now.  You can watch a full stream by GCTVN here.


x3o x3o Gaming9 0
-- 9
FD  Frag Dominant 5
0 -- 6
League: KODE5 USA Finals
Map: de_train
Watch: http://gctvn.com/media/view/
ScoreBot: TBD

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