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Multi Gaming Organizations and You!

Multi Gaming Organizations and You!

This is just an in depth description about running a multi gaming organization. You may agree or disagree with things stated in this blog, but no one said you had to love it. :D

Step 1:

I started my organization with a base game that was very popular at the time of my organizations creation. At the time I created Pushing the Limits the CGS was very popular and Counter-Strike: Source seemed to be the new revolutionary game that was going to take over online gaming leagues. Most of the bigger named counter-strike 1.6 teams made the move to source and were expected to stay. As we all know the CGS failed terribly and most of those players went back to counter-strike 1.6. However with my strong cs:s squad I started looking for sponsors which leads me to step 2.

Step 2:

Where a lot of multi gaming organizations go wrong is they just run out and start getting decent teams to fill spots. Then they grab tons of idler's and when parts of the organization start falling apart things go bad and teams leave, idler's stop idling and sponsors find better places to spread word for themselves. So what I did at this point was started looking for dedicated sponsors. It is very hard to find a sponsor that will trust your judgment as the CEO of an esports organization. One thing to always keep in mind when speaking to a possible sponsor is reassurance. You need to make them understand that your ambitions follow their interests. Another thing that helps tremendously is a website, as well as lots of idler's. A large fan base is essential to getting good sponsors. Also I started with a CALmain cs:s team that had just come off an impressive CALim season of 12-4 with a 4th place finish in the Atlantic division. So picking up sponsors wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be originally. Unfortunately not everyone has a CALmain team base to start with. So things may be more difficult to start depending on what you have to work with.

Step 3:

Once you have gotten required sponsors for things like game servers, ventrilo, website, hosting, etc, you can start looking for your teams. Unless you have serious financial sponsors for LAN events or online gaming leagues it's going to be hard to get top teir teams that have already made a name for themselves. So one tactic that I used was patrolling the CALim/main playoff brackets and started paying attention as to who was making the most noise. Those teams are a good bet when choosing teams for your organization because they have potential, and that is one of the best qualities a team can have. You then assemble your organization with teams such as that and you pray that those teams play hard, don't die, and help make a name for your organization.

Step 4:

With performance comes rewards. When you have teams that attend major LAN events and do well, people start to notice. At this point you are going to want more serious financial support so that you can spread your name beyond mIRC, CAL, CEVO or ESEA. By this point you will know about business proposal's and what it's going to take to get sponsors that can support a team financially to attend these events.

Personal Words/Advice:

I would say that I have had a great experience owning, running and playing for a multi gaming organization. But, what you need to understand is that it requires a ton of patience, persistence and dedication to make your dream become a reality. This is something that is achievable for anyone who is willing to invest the time, money and effort into making a lot of people happy all the time. It's not for the feint of heart. Don't think you will just grab teams, pick up sponsors, get idler's and then everything is going to be great, because it's not. It's very difficult to keep everyone happy all the time and it will become very antagonizing. Pushing the Limits has gone and is still going through some trials and tribulations, but I have stayed persistent about my goal and won't give up on this organization.
I realize that I haven't experienced everything that esports or multi gaming has to offer, but I am sure before the end of PTL I will have been apart of most everything I ever imagined I would with this team. I do realize that there are a lot more people with much more experience than I, but I feel that I do a good job for PTL and I feel that by providing this information maybe more of the smaller organizations will survive.

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quote#1 US ExpliSit`1 17/03/2009 - 13:39:50
Good read, thanks for taking the time to write this.

quote#2 US Ghost 18/03/2009 - 21:06:49
Solid write up man. Btw. Shock's a fag. Jk hes my homeboy

quote#3 US GCTVN-Justin 20/03/2009 - 00:07:05
The only way I see multi-gaming teams succeeding is if they have the determination to win. How many times have I gotten spammed in one channel or another about a new gaming clan that's the next best thing since sliced bread?

The more staff you have, the more confusion you have. I don't run gaming clans, but I run a professional gaming coverage website called GamerCastTV and I will only take the bare minimum people needed to make up the staff. I believe firmly if you are not working towards the organization, you don't need to be in it. "No one told me what to do" is merely an excuse.

I think Peawok will agree with my comment here, most people wanting to join your organization are just there for the tag and the e-fame. The second you hit rough waters (you drop a team, sponsor, etc) they will be the FIRST to bail.

Take note with compLexity, don't drop teams weekly because they are not performing well. Have an understanding that teams take time to build, and picking up/dropping teams DOESN'T make your organization look good. Frag Dominant dropped another team, surprise? No - BradDick did this religiously with his gaming teams.

Sponsors? The LESS advertising you have to do, the BETTER. Don't pick up useless sponsors. Pick ONE server company to provide for your team and give them the best support possible. Remember that server companies are looking for return. 3 companies with your organization is less return. Show the company how you run and how dedicated you and your team is to the sponsor and they WILL supply you with whatever you need. Trust me.

Turned out my comments are more of a rant than anything, hopefully you can take some of this in mind ;)

quote#4 US kandt 21/03/2009 - 13:19:26
I started a multigaming organization in March of 2008; we did it totally backwards which resulted in it's failure in December. We started with a CoD4 team (a BAD game to start an organization from) and as a result couldn't pick up any good sponsors; from there we wheeled and dealed with companies from all over the place to try and find the best packages for servers and websites. We ended up getting ripped off about $100 (our budget for launch was a laughable $300, another mistake) We managed to get a team like pacman was talking about; CAL-IM playoffs / CAL-M next season, as well as a CAL-M 1.6 team. This didn't make finding sponsors easier for us, though. At one point we had it all going - a website, servers, 80+ idlers in our channel, a big sponsorship deal closing. In an instant the sponsorship deal vanished, and I had three teams needing servers, ventrilo, CEVO fees, LAN fees and shirts..and we didn't have anything to fall back on. I plan on relaunching in July of this year with some original staff and teams, and will take this guide to heart. Thanks for it.

- Sincerely,
Jack Schmandt, Murder In Motion Gaming

quote#5 CA Justin 25/03/2009 - 22:42:46
Pretty good write up, with some many professional organizations.. the next ones to make the step will need to have a bit of luck .. because it wont be so easy.

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