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WCG Announces USA Qualifications

US.WCG.COM - The World Cyber Games has announced the path for Americans to reach the Global Finals, which will be held in Chengdu, China in November.

The World Cyber Games, sometimes called the "olympics" of professional gaming, has announced the qualification rounds for American teams to reach the Global Finals.  Rounds incuded are the WCG USA Online Qualifiers, the WCG USA LAN Qualifiers held at the Samsung Experience in New York City where invited teams will compete for a spot in the final USA Finals (formally known as the WCG USA Open).  Should they win there, the team moves on to the Global Finals.

The full announcement is below.

The Path to the Grand Final

WCG USA Online Tournaments are the first step in becoming a member of TEAM USA and taking on the world at the Grand Final. These tournaments are free to join and open to everybody.

WCG US Invitational (formerly the WCG US Open) is a LAN event held each year at the Samsung Experience in New York City. Participation is invitation only and winners bypass the WCG Online Tournaments and proceed directly to the WCG USA National Final.

WCG USA National Final challenges the winners from the WCG Online Tournaments and the WCG US Invitational to compete as the last stage in the qualifying process. The top players of each game earn a coveted spot on TEAM USA and progress to that year's Grand Final.

WCG Grand Final allows respective country teams to battle gamers from across the globe for the title of WCG World Champion. Considered by most as the "Olympics" of professional video gaming, the Grand Final is the ultimate proving ground for the world's elite gamers. 

The WCG 2009 Grand Final will take place from November 11th – 15th in Chengdu, China.

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