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Built On Energy Interviewed

INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael Fleming sits down with the CEO of BuiltOnEnergy.com, a new league released last week.

Could you please introduce yourself?  Who are you and what exactly is BOE?

Hello Michael - My name is John Tamburino.  I'm the co founder and current CEO of Built On Energy, LLC. I, along with co founder Daniel Pfledderer and CFO Anthony Deol, manage the day to day responsibilities of Built On Energy, LLC. Built On Energy, LLC is a Ohio based company dedicated to providing the best competitive experience for the eSports community.

You had launched last year but then abruptly canceled the season and shut down the website.  What happened?

Yes - We had hastily launched last year and it sadly didn't go to well because of lack of financing. That is definitely not the issue this time around.

What makes you different this time around than last time?  Is there new management, a new website, etc?

Built On Energy, LLC is definitely a lot better this time around. We have a new staff, new website, new anti-cheat client, new financing from partners, and most importantly new ideas.

Speaking of the anti-cheat client; there are rumors that the last one had a virus in it, that money was stolen from peoples’ bank accounts, and that others had similar problems with it.  Can you clear up what happened?

Yes. This is a rumor I have been dying to address for the past few weeks. Our anti-cheat client is in no way, shape, or form a key logger or a virus. Built On Energy, LLC has never stolen any sort of gaming accounts from our players and take a strong stance against that kind of behavior. I do not know where the stolen money rumor came from, but I can say there is absolutely no truth to that as well.

Do you have any idea as to why these rumors came about?Counter Strike: Source

I wish I could tell you. What history teaches us is that gamers are afraid of change and new organizations. We have seen this in the past with the release of Counter-Strike: Source. We simply did not present a well enough website to the general public, and did not acquire any notable sponsors. That might have led some individuals to spew out hateful rumors like the ones you mentioned.

You just mentioned Counter Strike: Source, another area where you are under fire.  Source appears to be your bigger game at this point and not Counter Strike 1.6.  What is the reason for this?

Yes, you are right. The Source community does appear to welcome BOE with open arms. The reason we are doing so well is because of the lack of diversity in the competition and also how we have marketed ourselves in that particular community. I believe we are one of the first gaming leagues to offer a cash prize for a division placement tournament. This CS:S placement tournament is completely free to enter, and you can take home a handsome prize.

What is Built on Energy going to do different than the current big name leagues like ESEA and CEVO?

Let me first say that we deeply love and respect both ESEA and CEVO. Both have broken boundaries for gamers and continue to do so. That being said, I do believe Built On Energy will push the envelope in respect to in-game experience, monetary prizes, cheat-free environment, and league organization. We plan to target all major gaming communities that demand competition.

Who have you brought on to help promote and fund your league, if you don’t mind me asking?

A number of people have contributed to Built On Energy, whether it be promoting, funding and/or their time. My co-founder, Daniel, has provided the foundation for the league and continues to help us grow. One sponsor that went above and beyond is MaxFrag.net. MaxFrag.net is currently financing the infrastructure of Built On Energy. They are a driving force in the Ventrilo hosting industry and we are proud to name them our head partner.

BuiltOnEnergy.comWhat has been the biggest challenge thus far?

The biggest challenge by far has been the new features we are continuing to add to the website. We offer a support center for our players to suggest us on what we should add to or remove from the website. We have been collecting ideas and opinions from our audience since we opened and we look forward to implementing them in the near future.

I noticed you have done a few tournaments.  When are you planning for your first full season?

It has been a week since our opening and we have only done a 16 man 1.6 tournament with some talented teams like MindScape and Devastation. We have also opened up registration from our CS:S placement tournament, which will include 256 teams. After this, we plan to do a season of Counter-Strike: Source and another 1.6 tournament with a larger cash pot and more teams.  Built On Energy also plans to do a tournament for Call of Duty 4 and, the game everyone is talking about, Left 4 Dead.

Have you spoken to any of the professional teams about playing in your league?

Yes.  We have spoken to various 1.6 teams and they are very excited about Built On Energy. In regards to Counter Strike: Source, we are planning on speaking to various team leaders. In the end, I do believe our prizes will attract all types of teams, whether they are professional or non-professional.

I heard you were making custom maps.  Can you provide more information on these; When they will be done, who is making them, what they look like, etc?

Yes - We have been working in correspondence with a creative and talented map maker. I will not be disclosing our map maker’s name. We have created three Counter-Strike: 1.6 maps, de_boe_summit, de_boe_hydro, and de_boe_faction. BOE has also started work on our CS:S custom maps, which will be featured in Season 1 preseason. All players will be able to comment on the maps and help us add, change, or improve certain aspects of them.

Any final words to the community?

Sure. Built On Energy, LLC would like to thank all of its wonderful staff and sponsors. We would also like to thank our head sponsor, MaxFrag.net. I personally would like to thank you and the entire Insider eSports staff for the interview.

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quote#1 US peawok 12/03/2009 - 01:32:20
I don't know how these guys will do in the long run, but I think it is worth at least a shot. Who knows? Maybe they'll be the next big thing..

Good luck!

quote#2 US Ghost 12/03/2009 - 05:43:21
Nice interview :)

quote#3 CA Justin 12/03/2009 - 07:42:57
Some people continue to say "the more leagues the better".. but in my opinion, the less the better. In terms of professional players playing 2 CEVO matches, and 2 ESEA matches a week.. where will another league fit in?

quote#4 CA maxfrag 12/03/2009 - 11:01:49
Great interview Michael.

quote#5 US TheUltimateGamer31 12/03/2009 - 11:40:27
Didnt know that BOE was an ohio based company. GO BOE and GL.

quote#6 CA maxfrag 12/03/2009 - 11:43:02
Yes. BOE incorporated in Ohio.

quote#7 US peawok 12/03/2009 - 12:03:24
Originally posted by CA JustinSome people continue to say "the more leagues the better".. but in my opinion, the less the better. In terms of professional players playing 2 CEVO matches, and 2 ESEA matches a week.. where will another league fit in?

i could see professional players playing 2 matches a night Monday-Thursday. It would cut into their scrim time, but most of the top teams play 3-4 hours at minimum a night.

I think that even if professional players don't pick the game up, it's still good for the overall community.

quote#8 US Dale 12/03/2009 - 12:14:11
Nice article peawok :) #5star will be competing in this event, come watch us !

quote#9 CA exaN 12/03/2009 - 15:02:00
Hey I made that website :D

quote#10 US TimL 12/03/2009 - 22:28:08
Originally posted by CA exaNHey I made that website :D

lol when I visited this website the very first time I thought to myself "Maann, this looks like something exan would design." And I turned out to be right : O

Good luck to BOE :]

quote#11 US z0r- 17/03/2009 - 00:47:45
major gay

quote#12 US z0r- 17/03/2009 - 00:48:30
Somehow BOE managed to make a worse website than CEVO.

quote#13 CA KevinD 26/03/2009 - 01:42:39
I already decompiled and reverse engeineered the BOE client, and not only does it scan for cheats across your hard drive (illegal), it also decided to peek through my Microsoft Money folder and scan My Documents. BoE LLC has illegally accessed my confidential files.

When I discussed this with BOE, I was told it was impossible and was ignored. This is a dangerous piece of spyware that should not be trusted by anyone.

I have spoken to my lawyer and I am building a case against BoE. Anyone else who has experienced something similar, please get in touch with me.

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