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The FragFest Tournament Announced

PUSHINGTHELIMITS.NET - Pushing the Limits, with support from www.FragFest-Gaming.com, have launched their new TF2 FragFest Tournament.

Pushing the Limits, a multigaming organization, has announced a new TF2 FragFest tournament in association with FragFest-Gaming.com.  PTL is new to the TF2 scene, but their team - formally known as LockDown - is not new at all to the scene.  They have been together for about a year now and are currently competing in CEVO and ESEA.

"I think the TF2 FragFest Tournament is a great way to bring good teams together for an online tournament. I think this TF2 tourney is going to bring great publicity to the TF2 community as well as eSports as a whole," Matthew "Pacman" Passion, owner of Pushing the Limits, said about the event.

"I think the tournament is just generally going to be good for the community, TF2 is growing fast, but is still a small community compared to most. I think TF2 needs small events like this too keep people interested, and I think its a good chance for other teams to try and get their name out there in the community," Team leader Luc "Luciious" Pearson said.

"That's what we really need to move towards as a community, just helping our newer teams to move up and not give up as a team," He added.

The full press release is below.


Pushing the Limits - www.pushingthelimits.net and FragFest-Gaming - www.FragFest-Gaming.com have come together to bring you the first ever TF2 FragFest Tournament.

The tournament will be held April 28th-30th. The tournament will be 16 teams and not available double elimination.

The map rotation will include: cp_gravelpit, cp_badlands, cp_granary with the finals map(s) to be released the day of the match. The finals match will be a "best of 3". The first two matches are going to be played on Saturday, one match on Sunday and the finals match on Monday. The tournament rules will be explained prior to the tournament so that each team understands the rules before they play. All servers for the matches will be provided by FragFest-Gaming.

The prize's will include: 1st place - 500fps TF2 server provided by FragFest-Gaming (good for the entire month of May). 2nd place - 20 slot high quality ventrilo. (good for the entire month of May)

To sign up for this event please visit the PTL forums here.

You can also visit www.FragFest-Gaming.com to find out more about their amazing deals! 


The event begins on April 28th so sign your team up today!


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quote#1 US pacman 13/03/2009 - 21:12:46
Good article peawok. Thanks again for the coverage. :D

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