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BUILTONENERGY.COM - A new league, Built on Energy, has emerged to provide fans with both free and pay to play leagues.

It doesn’t come as that much of a surprise that a new promising league has popped up in place of the almost non existent CAL. This new league is Built on Energy or “BOE”, which was founded in early 2007, by Daniel Pfledderer and John Tamburino. The league is introducing their inaugural season with free entrance to their Counter Strike: Source Placement Tournament and Season One of league play.

The Counter-Strike: Source Placement Tournament will give the league a good idea of who will perform well enough in their Open, Main, and Invite divisions. The tournament has a 256 team limit, and at the rate that teams are signing up it shouldn’t take them very long to fill the event. The tournament will be single elimination with 2 matches played per week.

One of the most important aspects of any league is the Anti-Cheat system.  BOE is prepared and has their own personalized system that will be run during the match to insure that all play is fair.

“During game-play it will be mandatory for the BOE Anti-Cheat client and demos to be running simultaneously,” said Peter Collins, one of the BOE AC admins.

Prize Distribution:
•    1st place - $450 and free entry to BOE-Invite Season 1 ($510.00 Value)
•    2nd place - $150 and free Entry to BOE-Invite Season 1 ($210.00 Value)
•    3rd place - free entry to BOE-Invite Season 1 ($60.00 Value)

256 teams:
•    Teams that place 1st - 16th will be place into BOE-Invite Season 1.
•    Teams that place 17th-49th will be placed into BOE-Main Season 1.
•    Teams that place 50th-114th will be placed into BOE-Intermediate Season 1. (Could Change)

Round Details:
•    Round 1 - Russka:  256 Teams
•    Round 2 - Nuke:  128 Teams
•    Round 3 - Dust2:  64 Teams
•    Round 4 - Train :  32 Teams
•    Round 5 - Contra: 16 Teams
•    Round 6 - Inferno:  8 Teams
•    Round 7 - Season:  4 Teams
•    FINALS - Russka, Dust 2, Inferno (BO3)

For more information on Build on Energy League, www.builtonenergy.com.

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quote#1 US Ghost 11/03/2009 - 20:36:30
Should be interesting to see how/if this league takes off. Would be nice to have another successful league, especially for source.

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