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X3o, Gravitas and more in CEVO P Week 7.2

CEVO.COM - CEVO Professional Week 7.2 continues with x3o playing Gravitas in a rematch from Week 3.1.

After the disappointing Extreme Masters Global Finals in Hanover Germany, EG.usa, x3o, and Gravitas come back looking to dominate the other Americans in CEVO Professional.  

X3o (10–2) will play their CEVO Professional rivals, Gravitas(9–4) on de_russka. Last time these two teams met in CEVO gravitas pull ahead and won a decisive 16–13 game.

EG.usa (9-4) plays Frag Dominant (8-5) again to see who will hold the third place spot, which EG.usa stole from Frag Dominant last week after a win over the new eMg, formerly Team 34.

EG.ca (6-6) plays iDemise (7–6), who has played very inconstantly in recent weeks with a loss to the new eMg, and a win over Gravitas Gaming as well as GG no re.GG No Re (4–10) will play the old MoB Gaming, now Pandemic roster. Team 34 has a bye as they will play the former, now dead eMg team this week.

This is likely the final matches before KODE 5 USA Finals, which is scheduled for this weekend.  Teams will be looking to score solid victories in their matches this week as CEVO Professional is quickly coming to a close.

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