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A Response to Mike's Poem

Fnatic Wins Intel Extreme Masters Season 3

HANNOVER, GERMANY -Team fnatic walks away $50,000's richer with the title of World's Best.

Fnatic rides it's momentum in the Global Finals to a first place finish in what was an epic european showdown this year. Tournament favorite, mTw, could not grab a win against MeetYourMakers in the lower bracket final, with a final score of 16:14. Then in the finals, Fnatic grabbed a dominating first half against MeetYourMakers, and sealed the deal in the second half but not before MeetYourMakers put up a fight. The final score for the grand finals match was 16:13.

Congratulations to fnatic and stay tuned to Insider eSports as we continue to cover future tournaments and events!



1.  fnatic ($ 50,000)
2.  MeetYourMakers ($ 25,000)
3.  mTw ($ 15,000)
4.  SK-Gaming ($ 10,000)
5.-6.  Team ALTERNATE ($ 5,000)
5.-6.  WeMade Fox ($ 5,000)
7.-8.  Gravitas Gaming ($ 3,000)
7.-8.  Crack Clan ($ 3,000)
9.-10.  AndThenSome ($ 2,500)
9.-10.  Team EG ($ 2,500)
11.-12.  mibr ($ 2,000)
11.-12.  x3o ($ 2,000)

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quote#1 US Portland 09/03/2009 - 12:24:55
Congrats to fnatic! Better luck next time NA teams.

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