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A Response to Mike's Poem

aZn and evolution to Frag Dominant

INSIDER ESPORTS - Frag Dominant's CS 1.6 team replaces Fadil "Nepo-" Canovic and Richard "Iza" Levy, with Kevin "aZn" Wang and Scott "evolution" Cavallero in preparation for KODE5.


Frag Dominant has given word that, almost a week before they are due to compete at the KODE5 Regional Finals they will be replacing two of their players. The additions include seasoned players Kevin "aZn" Wang, and Scott "evolution" Cavallero.The Frag Dominant CS team apparently felt that they needed a change-up in order to have a better shot at winning the KODE5 Regional title. Reportedly Frag Dominant has been playing with their new additions on and off for the past couple weeks, so the transition shouldn't be too hard for them. KODE5 regionals will be very telling as to whether this was a sound move.

Recent addition Scott "evolution" Cavallero told us:

"We've all played with one another at some point or another so our team chemistry is excellent and everything is going well. I am confident in our team that we will have a good showing at kode5 as we are all extremely motivated," recent addition Scott "evolution" Cavallero told us:

When asked about what will happen to the other players, Scott said that:

"Given scheduling conflicts which sometimes occur, and both of them still being friends of the team, they will play in any of our matches for either esea or cevo if we wont have 5 for the particular time."


Frag Dominant Lineup:

Michael "chE" Guevara

Liridon "quas"  Ademaj

Nazar "nAZ[Lg]"  Vynnytsky

Scott "evolution" Cavallero

Kevin "aZn" Wang


Richard "Iza" Levy

Fadil "Nepo-" Canovic


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quote#1 US Rachmaninoff 09/03/2009 - 10:58:58
Awesome, this roster looks beasty I think they'll do well at kode5.

quote#2 US menace 09/03/2009 - 11:04:11
Now get rid of quas and get n0thing and we'll have the oh so famous roster that everyone thought was going do damage, but ended up splitting up :(

either way good roster.. gl

quote#3 US ExpliSit`1 09/03/2009 - 12:07:22
good lineup should give em hell at kode5

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