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Sit Down With sWooZie

INSIDER ESPORTS - Insider eSports sits down with gaming mogul, and once pro gamer Adande "sWooZie" Thorne. What he's been doing since the CGS, what he thinks of Street Fighter IV, and a statement about his new upcoming show on the Sci Fi channel, all are discussed! 


First off, thank you very much for sitting down for this interview Swoozie. How have things been going for you as of late?

Things have been pretty awesome. Street Fighter 4 is finally here, the new Burnout Toy cars released today-- I just saved a ton of money switching to Geico... everyday is Saturday for me right now man. Ice Cream for breakfast and all!

Thats great. So, how did you get your start into the world of professional e-sports?

Adande "Swoozie" Thorne
I won two online tournaments that were hosted by doacentral. com and DIRECTV ironically approached Dahlsim (the owner of the site) around the same time looking for 8 skilled DOA players who would not only represent the game well but work well on camera. He sent them my contact info and they called me and next thing I know I'm on a bird to California.

Last year, you were apart of the CGS interview crew and I'm sure you remember the day it closed down. What were your thoughts when you heard the news?

I was like "NOOOOOOO!!!!!". Haha but truthfully. My heart skipped a beat. Shock mixed with a bit of surprise. It was around 11am and I got a text message from Hailey Bright and she got the news from a VERY good source. So I checked
with some of the online crew to see if it was true or not and none of them responded. I remember thinking the whole time 'this is NOT good... this is all happening so fast and w/o warning' but I didn't want to think too much along those lines because I still wasn't sure if it was 100% true.

With the CGS giving everyone a peek into the world of fighters, how do you think Dead or Alive 4 will continue to be apart of the grassroot tournaments with such a large competition in other fighters?

I believe DOA has it's place. Whether DOA4 will be one of those games people can play for months/years until the next installment is still to be seen but CGS played a very good role in showcasing the game to audiences who might not have otherwise come across the title. You might not see DOA as prominently displayed as Street Fighter for example in the upcoming months at tournaments but I wouldn't be shocked at all if it was still a part of the grassroot gatherings but again, that's still to be seen.

What is the current state of the DOA community?

The community is good. It has way too many animated characters that are still active and a few people thought SF4 would be the death of the DOA community. Granted a lot of the DOA players are now playing SF more but that's expected from a
game that almost transends its genre.

Recently, Street Fighter 4 hit the streets and gamers, both casual and hardcore, love it. What are your thoughts on this game?

Definitely met my expectations. I really like watching everyone's reaction to the game so far. I know a girl gamer (Mrs. Violence) who used to only talk about FPS; now shes taking pictures of herself while holding her copy o
f SF4 and set it as her MySpace default pic.
The one thing that will take some getting used to is that the inputs for the higher level setups are nothing like DOA's button commands. That plus the timing for the combos (involving light punches and light kicks) seem a little too unforgiving. Especially with online connections being what they are with various connection speeds; but overall I haven't been this happy with a game purchase since DOA4 back in 2005.

Do you think it could be integrated into the tournament system with such full roster of high caliber fighting games?

Oh heck yeah. And with ease. Its almost like they couldn't WAIT for the game to come out. SF4 dropped on Tuesday and there were tournaments on Saturday- 4 days later at GameStops all over the country.. I've never seen people so anxious to throw a game into competitive play so quickly.

Back in January, we heard the announcement that you were going to be apart of WCG:Ultimate Gamer. You have a very loyal fanbase from youtube and myspace combined. Do you think your fans will enjoy watching you in your first reality T.V. show?

Honestly, I think a lot of guys and girls will flip. Kids at my cousin's school in England are freaking out... my dad's friend tells me he can't stop watching the new trailer.... a lot of people who have been following me seem like they're all saying "finally!".
The friends I've made on the internet have been emailing me saying that I need to be on a reality show either about my life or about gaming since I uploaded Video Blog #15 (story about my first kiss) so I think this is exactly what a few people have been waiting to see for awhile (myself included). The emails that have been coming my way get crazier and crazier with excitement as we get closer to March and all I keep saying to everyone is, "Wait till you see the first episode".

Whats next for Adande "Swoozie" Thorne?

It really all depends on my schedule. I just got a call from a friend in NY and he's hooked up a little something and I might be doing a video blog from inside Johnny Wright's studio in a week or two; but on the hosting end, I'll be hosting "Devastation Event" in Phoenix is coming soon. I'm pumped because this is the first tournament I've ever heard that has Geometry Wars in it. There is also D.I.D (Dead or Alive in Dallas) gonna be a lot of fighting games there but for me it's all about DOA. I love to travel and I love gaming so hopefully I'll be doing more hosting for WCG as well. Helping out at E for all last year was a LOT of fun!

Do you plan on attending your buddy Master's Dead or Alive in Dallas (D.I.D. 4) tournament at the end of May?
If I get the green light from the powers that be. I'll probably be there a week early just to hang with my homeboy MASTER. I usually end up extending my stay at his house a week after the tournament anyway ^_^.

Last question, when are we going to see the "California Prison Uno" tutorial v-log?
LOL!! Oh you are too funny. I know a lot of people are wondering what it's all about but I think I've raised the bar too high in an attempt to outdo myself to release a tutorial and not have a lot of people thinking "ummmm entertain me-- I dont wanna see you teaching card games" So maybe I'll release a tutorial as an iTunes exclusive or maybe post it on a site on the side like viddler. com or something.

Alright Swoozie. Once again, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. Any shout outs you want to make?

Oh man- this is the only place I start to get a little nervous. 1st of course to T.U.G for the shoutout- and you were calling yourself the ultimate gamer before the show came along. Morris Hunter, MASTER, Vanessa, Cyber Evil, Punishere, KING, HP GOD, definitely all my people on the net- they know who they are over on myspace/youtube, Mr. Jacob Patterson, MKF30, LD Mike, DrDogg, Rob & Hailey over at Coin-Op, Clown, Stermy and definitely can't forget the rest of my CGS peoples, all the cast and crew from WCG Ultimate Gamer from the casting directors all the way down to the audio guys- and lastly God. He has definitely been hooking it up ^_^.

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quote#1 US DetonatoR 08/03/2009 - 03:42:36
i remember my first time playing prison uno with the doa crew @ cgs... i didn't make a move for almost the entire game, it was going so fast >_<

nice interview, glad to hear from swooz!

quote#2 US Portland 08/03/2009 - 18:18:39
Great iview, Swooz is awesome

quote#3 US moGwai 09/03/2009 - 07:40:37

Hah I remember watching the CGS blogs. Great dude.

quote#4 US Rachmaninoff 09/03/2009 - 11:18:03
sexy banner, ill prob check out the show this tues if i can.

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