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MYM, mTw in EM Consolation Finals

HANNOVER, GERMANY - Another day is in the books with Fnatic as the upper bracket winner and mTw and MYM will face off in the consolation finals.

Fnatic has really stepped up their game since the start of the tournament, going undefeated throughout.  They are now garuanteed at least second place and have all the motivation in the world, having played and beaten most the top teams in the event, including mTw.  mTw, the favorites for the event after their quite-literally perfect performance in the European Finals, were knocked down to face MYM.  This will be the third time they have faced in the Global Finals alone.

SK-Gaming was beaten by MYM earlier as well.  They had a strong showing in Group A, but collapsed when they reached the Global Finals.

The surprise of the tournament is certainly fnatic.  With their recent roster changes, it's surprising they could perform so well with such little time to practice.

The Americans x3o, Gravitas, and EG.usa were knocked out early in the event along with Crack! Clan, AndThenSome, and MiBR.  WeMade FOX was knocked in the relegation matches.

The home-advantaged Team ALTERNATE was knocked out by MYM in the relegations as well.

The consolation finals are tomorrow, starting at 5AM EST with the Grand Finals set for 7AM EST, pending delays.

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