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Hostile Attacked in Hanover, ESL Responds

INSIDER ESPORTS - Gravitas Gaming player Shawn "Hostile" Catron has been robbed and beaten up in Hannover, Germany. Controversy has spread about ESL's housing arrangements, ESL responds to those allegations.


UPDATE: ESL event organizer David Hiltscher has given a statement on behalf of ESL regarding their housing arrangements:

"I'm here to shed some light on the allegations made here and elsewhere from the tournament organizer's perspective. First of all, everyone here is shocked that such a thing happened to hostile. Hannover is one of Germany's least dangerous cities, and police activity during CeBIT is very high. To put it bluntly, hostile had incredibly bad luck.

Especially if you take into consideration that the area where he and other teams are housed is a regular residential area. Being housed in private homes is a CeBIT tradition, as there are several hundred thousand people coming to Hannover for the trade fair. Hotel capacities are very low and hotel rooms are extremely pricey and also fully booked months in advance.

So all kinds of people stay in private houses, from company executives over staff and crew of all booths to pro gamers participating in the many tournaments here. Who ever has been to one of the previous tournaments at CeBIT like Masters I & II or SEC knows this. There is nothing unprofessional or dangerous about this fact, it's just normal for a giant trade fair like CeBIT.

We shuttle players from their residences to the fair in the morning and bring them back in the evening to make sure everybody gets where he needs to, and gets there safe. For all evening activities, whatever the starting point is, common sense is a requirement. Walking the street alone at night is risky in any major city.

All rooms are booked through an agency that guarantees a certain quality. All flats and houses are in quiet residential areas. We do not book rooms in bad neighborhoods.

We are very sorry to hear what happened to hostile, and our admins were the first to join him in the hospital. I understand, that hostile's statements come from a deep sense of injustice, but please keep in mind that we have no interest whatsoever to cause our star players any harm, and that we do anything in our power to keep them safe and happy during their stay in Germany.

We wish hostile a quick recovery from the shock and hope the police does its best to catch the people who did this."

His statement was later posted on www.esl-world.net


---- Original Article ----

"Unfortunately Shaun "Hostile" Catron, one of the Gravitas Gaming players, was assaulted and robbed outside of a bar in Hannover, Germany. He will be treated at the local hospital for his injuries. Currently he is recovering and overall his condition is well at the time being" the Gravitas Gaming website stated.

Catron made a statement on the Gravitas Gaming website as well:

"If you'd like to know what happened, four guys approached me and thomz when we got dropped off at our residence (that isn't even on any German Road Map).  They were pretty drunk and were just messing around with us and talking, having a good time then they went on their way.  Before going back home I wanted to grab something to drink at the pub 50 meters away. When I left I noticed they'd reappeared and didnt think anything of it and when I went to walk by them one of them hit me , then another hit me 4 more times and pulled his gun out and put me at gunpoint saying if I dont give them all my stuff I'm dead.  They took my cash, my phone and a camera and let me have everything else back.... i only had to get 5 stiches and its not entirely bad.... why there is a gotfrag post nobody knows.." 

ESL houses the players with German families. Catron was not staying with the other Gravitas Gaming team members.

"Shaun's doing fine; nothing life threatening by any means" David Cho, a staff member for Gravitas Gaming, told us.

Shawn "Hostile" Catron was attending the Extreme Masters event with Gravitas.  They were knocked out of the tournament earlier today.

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quote#1 US peawok 06/03/2009 - 21:43:17
I'm talking to David Cho who is in touch with Corbin. He'll send me updates as they come in.

quote#2 US Fenomix 07/03/2009 - 00:11:25
no-one deserves this :[

quote#3 US Portland 07/03/2009 - 04:16:43
Good luck to Hostile I hope he has a speedy recovery. I don't know if ESL's housing arrangements are really to be at fault here, it could have been anyone out that late.

quote#4 US Ghost 07/03/2009 - 12:11:01
Originally posted by US PortlandGood luck to Hostile I hope he has a speedy recovery. I don't know if ESL's housing arrangements are really to be at fault here, it could have been anyone out that late.

Agreed, just an unfortunate case of bad luck :/

quote#5 US PuttsMoBilesiCit 07/03/2009 - 15:53:37
wow dawg. i hope they catch them...

quote#6 US phunk 07/03/2009 - 17:27:33
Yea, this type of stuff really irks me. There's a certain respect level that isn't there within some people. I hope Hostile gets better and I hope that the assaulters will be caught and punished accordingly.

quote#7 US moGwai 07/03/2009 - 23:18:56
What happened sucks, but I can't imagine what will happen once these people are caught.

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