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INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael "peawok" Fleming takes a look at the upcoming Extreme Masters Global Finals and asks you not to count the Americans out.

It has been quite awhile since America has done anything in the international scene.  We haven’t seen an event where several American teams were facing off against international and – in most people’s opinions – better teams in quite a while.

EG.usa, x3o, and Gravitas Gaming are some of the best America has to offer.  Team x3o is considered one of the better, if not the best team currently.  They have done well in CEVO and won the x3o event back in January.  Gravitas has done well in CEVO and ESEA and are certainly no pushover.  Even EG.usa, though they have only been completely immersed in 1.6 for a little over three months, have picked their game up and are doing very well in CEVO which has attributed to their undefeated record in ESEA Invite.

America’s teams, however, have been thrown into quite a hard situation.  A few hours ago, the Electronic Esports League announced the groups for their Extreme Masters Global Finals event.  Gravitas Gaming has been thrown in with the likes of mTw, MYM, and SK Gaming.  EG.usa and Team x3o seem to have drawn lucky.  They are placed in the same group, with the likes of fnatic, Alternate, and WeMade FOX, with Crack! Clan, formally GamePlay, in there as well.

Most people have been shouting “death to Gravitas Gaming” and some have even gone as far to say that EG.usa and Team x3o have little to no chance of advancing.

Am I the only person who is giving them a legitimate chance?
Gravitas Gaming preparing for a match.  Photo: www.esl-world.net
Sure, EG.usa has only been a ‘revived’ American team for a few weeks, and Team x3o and Gravitas Gaming certainly aren’t the best in the world, but is no one going to give them a shot?  When the former EG.usa team, Frag Dominant can impress many in America and around the world with a solid placing at Extreme Masters III in Los Angeles last year, can’t it be argued that three players from one of the greatest international lineups America has ever had combined with Hanes and n0thing hold their own?

Perhaps it is the American belief that all American teams are indeed not created equal to their European counterparts.

I decided to peruse the GotFrag forums, SK’s forums, and CompLexity’s forums, just to see what Americans thought of themselves.

The ones saying “NT Gravitas” were my favorite.

Most appear to think Gravitas has no chance; that EG.usa will be a hit or a close miss, and Team x3o seems lost in the mix.  Overall it appears that people don’t understand why they were sent or have little to no hope in their success.  I don’t think anyone, aside from a few “I want to be out there” kinds of guys placed any of the American teams near top three.

With how “revived” the North American scene is – as many fans and players talk about – should we really just bow down and let the Europeans take all the limelight?

My opinion is no.  America has the opportunity to redeem itself.  Gravitas Gaming, x3o, and EG.usa all have a good chance to at least place third in the event.  Sure, Gravitas will have it rough.  mTw has looked indestructible, MYM is certainly good, SK-Gaming is a dominant team and MiBR and AndThenSome are certainly able to take Gravitas down.

EG.usa and x3o have it certainly easier but are not guaranteed a spot as well.  Alternate and Fnatic are widely considered the two favorites for the group, but in my opinion, EG.usa and x3o are on level with WeMade FOX for the third seed and could even beat fnatic or Alternate.

The bigger question, however, is could an American team place top three?

I believe they can, although they will certainly need a little bit of luck and extremely solid play.  Counting the Americans out is certainly not what the Europeans are doing in Hannover; perhaps that is why they have done so well against them.

Before you count Gravitas, EG, and x3o out, I say give them a chance to show their stuff.  Every team in Hannover has the potential to go all the way – though some more than others – and each American team has the opportunity.


Photo: www.esl-world.net

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quote#1 US peawok 05/03/2009 - 17:13:59
"Counting the Americans out is certainly not what the Europeans are doing in Hannover; perhaps that is why they have done so well against them."

I take it back. MYM|neo said in an interview that the Americans won't "so good". Damn!

Regardless, good luck America.

quote#2 US Domey 05/03/2009 - 18:24:18
nice article Mike

quote#3 US moGwai 05/03/2009 - 23:35:42
It's about event experience, getting used to jetlag, lcd's, and having a very odd, hard working schedule. One thing we may not consider is that some of our players in NA are parttime players, mostly all of the European teams at this tournament are PAYED to play.

quote#4 US peawok 06/03/2009 - 01:34:28
All that is true, but wasn't necessarily the highlights of the article. More a "don't count our guys out" piece then a "America is going to have it rough" ;P

quote#5 US ExpliSit`1 06/03/2009 - 12:07:35
BAH bring em on! We got this. Great art mike

quote#6 US Dale 06/03/2009 - 12:12:35

quote#7 US Fenomix 06/03/2009 - 20:13:07
great article

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