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Dealing with the stress of CS: S

Dealing with the stress of CS: S

I've noticed over the years that not only is skill and mental experience a detrimental part of the way a player shapes his career, but also how he uses his or her emotions to further the play style. There are different strange habits that we develop over time, some of us Deathmatch constantly using the mindset that we need to "warmup" before we start scrimmaging or going over strats. Others insist on aim mapping to make sure that there senses are keen for the match that they are about to play in.

I believe that these are all mind tricks, and may even hold us back from the potential that we should be playing at. Instead we should relax ourselves and let our minds wander instead of stress, whether it be pre-match or in the middle of an important clutch. Another problem we have is our OCD with a perfect aim, as if we don't have a brain in our head to react and execute what we do everyday in Deathmaches or aim maps.

We should always try to improve our mental game rather than our skills, we'll never be able to hit every shot 100% of the time. Yet, if we outsmart our opponents or stay calm and use the map to our advantage and the aim that we practice everyday, we shouldn't have a problem at all.

This may sound a little redundant, but this is one of the many aspects of Counter-Strike: Source and 1.6 that we tend to overlook. Calm yourself, "Goooosfrabaaa".

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quote#1 US Ghost 05/03/2009 - 14:41:16
Yeah I definitely agree with you. When I really sit down relax and play, I play extremely well. But other times, I get easily frustrated at how I play, which generally ends up in me playing more stupid. Good read.

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