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FD vs. iDemise in ESEA Invite Tonight

ESPORTSEA.COM - The old EG.usa team, Frag Dominant, currently 4-2, will play iDemise, currently 6-1, tonight in ESEA Invite for Week 4.2.

Frag Dominant, widely considered one of the current best teams in the United States, will face off against iDemise who have performed very well in ESEA Invite thus far.  They are currently 6-1, which is much different than their current 5-6 record and fifth place seed in CEVO Professional.

The map tonight is de_inferno, one both of these teams have played a countless number of times.  Strategy is key on this map, as aim alone usually doesn't cut it at this level.

Strategies out of the Frag Dominant camp may be somewhat less than normal, however, as the team is likely saving their tactics for the upcoming KODE5 USA Finals at Lethal Gamers on March 14th.

Don't expect the same "hiding" from iDemise, who have performed incredibly in ESEA this season.  They have surprised everyone with their abilities, especially since their CEVO performance has been nowhere near what they have done in ESEA.  Should Frag Dominant be saving their strategies, iDemise could easily dominate tonight.

The match begins tonight at 8:30 EST, 7:30 CST.  HLTV is spectv003.esportsea.com:12345.

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