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SC2GG Star League Announced!

SC2GG.COM - The SC2GG Star League has announced another season.

The SCC2GG Star League has announced another season for StarCraft fans.  Part of the announcement is below.

The SC2GG Star League will now be broken into two phases - the SC2GG Challenge Ladder, and the SC2GG Star League. The SC2GG Challenge Ladder will run for 3 weeks, on Iccup. In order to participate, you will need to do two things. First, you will need to register an account on Iccup with the prefix SCL- before your name1. Second, you will need to join this team on Iccup to be counted as one of the participants. You may not transfer stats to these accounts, you must ladder from 1000 points onward.

The SC2GG Challenge Ladder will begin on March 2nd, 2009, concurrent with the beginning of the new Iccup ladder season. It will last 3 weeks until March 22nd, 2009, when the SC2GG Challenge Ladder will end. At that point in time, the top 16 players (reviewed by the admins) from the SCL will be selected to move on to the SC2GG Star League.

The Round of 16 kicking off the SC2GG Star League will consist of 4 round-robin groups of 4 contestants each. The groups will be picked by the SC2GG Star League admins and will move on. The top 2 players will advance, with tie-breakers played if necessary. From there, it will play out like a standard 8-man single elimination bracket. At the end of the bracket, the champion will be crowned winner of the SC2GG Star League.

There are currently no prizes for the event.

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